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Glass Houses

Natural sky light
Natural sky light

Have you ever walked into a home of an interior designer or a boss and become overwhelmed with the awe of how spacious the home is? The first thing you notice are the glass walls or big glass windows. Glass provides the illusion of more space but also transparency that extends a rooms actual size. The wondrous thing about glass decor is not just walls, windows, tables but it can come in other forms of decor such as glazing, countertops, doors. Glass will help brighten up your home allowing more sunlight and even the moonlight! Whether you enjoy using glass to bring in the morning sun, or a hundred other purposes, glass can be overlooked when customizing home interiors. Here are some ways to let glass brighten your home.

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Break the Rules! Add Style to Your Home

Window Glass ReplacementMany people believe that painting a small room white will make it appear larger. Unfortunately this is a misconception, just like the idea that fewer furniture pieces can enlarge a room.

By wisely choosing your paint colors and watching where you place pieces, you can achieve the larger look you are looking for. You can also learn more at HGTV.com (color rules for small spaces).

There is no reason to sacrifice your personal style to achieve a color-coordinated area that is pleasing to the eye, and comfortable to live in. Continue reading Break the Rules! Add Style to Your Home

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Great Tips for Making a Room Look Larger

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When we finally get our dream home and it looks so spacious and large, within a year or two it seems to fill up. Whether you have bulky furniture, or a hobby of collecting things, the walls in your rooms suddenly begin to close in. There are some simple tips to make your room look larger without the expense of a major remodel.

You can use an over-sized mirror to open the room up. Small mirrors arranged on the wall behind large furniture can also add a dimension to your room. Stripes on your floor will lengthen the room. Acrylic tables also trick the eye into the sense that the room is larger. In addition, furniture that closely matches wall color requires less visible space. Continue reading Great Tips for Making a Room Look Larger

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