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Keep Your Shower Glass Sparkling!

With a few tips, your shower glass can look as good as the day we installed it!

Over time, Shower door glass  will accumulate soap scum, this is a fact but proper cleaning is necessary to keep the glass looking as beautiful as the day Alamo Glass installed it. We recommend a few simple tricks as outlined bellow:

Always wipe down the glass after every use. This may sound like a lot of work, but it will eventually become a habit. I do not mean you have to use glass cleaner and wipes, simply use a squeegee after you are finished taking your shower. Once I get out of the shower I wipe down the glass with my damp towel, this works as well.

I would recommend using glass cleaner and paper towels once a week.  Any cleaner for glass should work well. We offer an excellent glass cleaner here in our shop , made by one of our manufacturers CRL.  Stop by our showroom to purchase some. Your favorite glass cleaner will work also. Continue reading Keep Your Shower Glass Sparkling!

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