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Create the Illusion of Space in a Small Bathroom

Simple Bathroom

Today’s bathroom design trends favor giving this once neglected space lots of TLC. If your home’s bathroom is small, you may wonder if it is still possible to make it a glamorous and relaxing retreat. While you may not have the floor space to add a soaker tub or humongous shower enclosure, there are many ways to give a small bathroom a more spacious feel.

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Keep Glass Tabletops, Mirrors, & Showers Clean for Valentine’s Day!

Streak Free Glass, Glass Cleaning
Streak Free Glass: Glass Cleaning

It’s a special day and you want everything to be perfect! Except you see streaks on your glass windows, glass table and even glass walls? It’s hard to know which side the streaks are on, and constantly cleaning to have the spot free look is time consuming. For business owners and residents who want to try it themselves, these helpful hints will make your Valentine’s Day a little brighter:


Going in different directions on the front and back of the glass will eliminate those sneaky lines. Side-to-side motions on the front surface and up and down motions for the back surface will show results. Wait for the glass to dry, you’ll see less noticeable streaks.

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Renovating a Bathroom? Get The Advice You Need from the Experts

Bathroom Remodeling: Shower Doors
Bathroom Remodeling: Glass Shower Doors

Remodeling magazine has determined that the mid-range cost to renovate a bathroom nowadays including tile, vanity and toilet is in upwards of $19,000. It all depends on where you live and the local costs of labor and supplies. If you are in New York City, you could pay as much as $25,000 for a bathroom remodel. The magazine keeps track of the cost of home remodels on an annual basis.

If you want to throw in installing extras such as heated floors, or you are interested in moving fixtures, the initial $19,000 can get pushed up to about $60,000, and in the more expensive cities such as New York City, you could pay as much as $72,000.

With that said, there are avenues available to help you keep the costs of your project down to a more affordable level, and you can do this without forfeiting the style of your room. Continue reading Renovating a Bathroom? Get The Advice You Need from the Experts

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The Greenest Room in the House: Designing an Eco-Friendly Bathroom

Eco Friendly Bathroom
Eco Friendly Bathroom

Building and designing a green bathroom has become a popular trend. There is a twofold reason to consider going eco-friendly when you build. One is, to be environmentally responsible and leave a smaller carbon footprint. The other is to lower your utility bills through energy efficient fixtures.

Windows with Superior Insulation
If the bathroom will be built on an exterior wall then this would be the perfect time to install energy efficient windows. Energy efficient windows stop the summer heat from penetrating and keep the winter chill out. The more natural light you let into your bathroom the less artificial light you will need. If your bathroom will not have an exterior wall then consider a skylight which will capture the natural light. Having an opening in the ceiling can also draw heat and moisture upwards. Continue reading The Greenest Room in the House: Designing an Eco-Friendly Bathroom

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Break the Rules! Add Style to Your Home

Window Glass ReplacementMany people believe that painting a small room white will make it appear larger. Unfortunately this is a misconception, just like the idea that fewer furniture pieces can enlarge a room.

By wisely choosing your paint colors and watching where you place pieces, you can achieve the larger look you are looking for. You can also learn more at HGTV.com (color rules for small spaces).

There is no reason to sacrifice your personal style to achieve a color-coordinated area that is pleasing to the eye, and comfortable to live in. Continue reading Break the Rules! Add Style to Your Home

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Great Tips for Making a Room Look Larger

Glass Companies Dallas

When we finally get our dream home and it looks so spacious and large, within a year or two it seems to fill up. Whether you have bulky furniture, or a hobby of collecting things, the walls in your rooms suddenly begin to close in. There are some simple tips to make your room look larger without the expense of a major remodel.

You can use an over-sized mirror to open the room up. Small mirrors arranged on the wall behind large furniture can also add a dimension to your room. Stripes on your floor will lengthen the room. Acrylic tables also trick the eye into the sense that the room is larger. In addition, furniture that closely matches wall color requires less visible space. Continue reading Great Tips for Making a Room Look Larger

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Use Modern Design to Enhance Your Home’s Style

Replacement Glass WIndows Dallas, TX

Bookcases have long been an essential piece of furniture in our homes. We have used them to store books, and their tops were usually reserved for family pictures.

More recently, their use has been enhanced with modern design additions that add beauty and personality to our homes.

Home interiors can be unique and a bookcase can help to realize the look you want. Books that are tall can add to a room’s height. Colorful books can fall into line with your room’s color scheme. Textured books will add warmth and style to a room. Continue reading Use Modern Design to Enhance Your Home’s Style

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Fashionably Enhance the Look & Feel of Any Room

Glass Window Repair Dallas, TX

Glass is but one of many available items to compliment the look of your home. Fabric is also very popular. A variety of fabrics is said to be a cornerstone of optimizing your home’s look. Be it a tablecloth, throw pillows, or wall hanging, fabrics are simple yet expressive home decorating trinkets that are inexpensive, yet functional.

They can be used to highlight a sofa and a set of pillows, provide color to a neutral setting or accent a piece of furniture made of wood. Continue reading Fashionably Enhance the Look & Feel of Any Room

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The Modernity of Glass

Most people would agree that light and fresh air are always welcome in a house, particularly in the bathroom. Anytime glass can be utilized in a bathroom it should be. Windows positioned to look out on a flower garden or a pine forest invite in the sun and the fresh scent of the outdoors. They will give your bathroom a spacious, modern appeal. Skylights are windows offering a different perspective, of the blue sky and the tops of trees. And certainly if you’ve made the point of opening the view then you would want to enjoy it while showering. A crystal clear frameless shower enclosure will allow you an unobstructed view.

Windowless Bathroom

Windowless bathrooms, those without an exterior wall, depend on fans and vents for airflow and lighting fixtures for illumination. Homeowners often find windowless bathrooms dim and dank. With limited air-circulation you might find you have issues with dampness and mold. If the roof is accessible then a skylight can be a unique solution. Nowadays skylights are not just fixed units, there are models which open, thus providing both ventilation and light for a windowless bathroom. An attic bathroom can be particularly cramped and dark; a skylight will help brighten it up.

Skylights once had a poor reputation because they were known to leak. But with today’s new and improved seals rain is no longer an issue. If you are worried that the light pouring in might create too much heat or be squintingly bright, then blinds can be installed or smoky-colored glass used to cut the glare. Glazing can help neutralize temperature spikes and drops. Since heat rises, a venting skylight has a chimney effect allowing the heated air to be drawn up through the opening. Obviously, the placement of the skylight, whether north facing or south, will determine the strength of the sunlight allowed in.

Skylights can be operated by remote control. Blinds and the venting system can be activated electronically.


An exciting trend is installing a fireplace in the bathroom. These are usually placed near the tub so a bather can appreciate the toasty heat. A frameless shower enclosure with crystal clear glass will allow a person taking a shower to appreciate the blazing fire. With windows frosted in snow, a crackling, wood-burning fire would provide the ultimate luxury.

Decking the mantelpiece out with candles will add another level of ambience.

Unique Window Ideas

Dramatic arched windows might seem better suited for your living room, but they can add a touch of unexpected elegance to your master bathroom. Porthole-like windows can be used for smaller areas and give your bathroom a nautical look. Walls of windows looking out into a walled off garden will allow you to enjoy nature while bathing in complete seclusion.

Visit our Dallas showroom to discover the versatility of glass. We can help turn your bathroom into a retreat.

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Hotel Renovation Completed By Alamo Glass

Commercial Glass

Alamo Glass has recently wrapped up another major hotel renovation in Dallas, Texas!  This was a very involved job, and our work is prominently featured throughout the hotel.

Moline Construction located in Dallas, Texas was the general contractor on this project.  We have worked with Moline on many other hotel and country club renovations throughout the years, and they are always a pleasure to work for.

Commercial GlassThe job began in December of 2011 and wrapped up in March of 2012.   Alamo Glass provided everything from storefront to mirrors.  Hotels are always exciting to work on for us because the designers on these projects often specify unusual, exotic and challenging products.

We enlisted the help of many great vendors from around the country to provide us with the products needed to complete the job.  There were many challenges along the way, but the team at Alamo Glass delivered outstanding service and technical skills to complete the job on time and within budget.

Alamo Glass provided and installed over 1500 custom saten glass table tops, a 1/2″ glass stair railing, custom crinkle textured bronze mirror, a feature wall with 1/2″ custom cast glass, 1/2″ butt glazed storefront with automatic sliding doors and many other products.

We are very proud of the outstanding work that our highly skilled glaziers were able to produce under the tight deadline that was imposed to complete the job.  We would also like to thank Moline Construction for allowing us the opportunity to work on this project  as well as all of the other trades that were involved on this job.  It took many GREAT companies to finish this major remodel in the short amount of time provided.

CLICK HERE to see more pictures of our work on this job.

Remember, Contact Alamo Glass for all of your glass and mirror needs, whether large or small!

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