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Beveled Mirrored Strips look great in Dallas homes!

Are you tired of looking at your plain old mirror above your vanity? Embarrassed because the silver is chipping on your mirror and you can’t find money in your budget to replace them? Do you wish you could frame existing mirror, but think adding frame molding is too time consuming as well as costly? Friends- Let Alamo Glass and Mirror help!

We offer beveled mirrored strips, have you heard of this product? No, well let me explain! Beveled strips are mirror cut in strips, to add to exisiting mirror to give the mirror a framed look, (framed in mirror). It can give your plain mirror an instant update. Adding bevel strips can hide chips along the bottom of the mirror that may occur from years of water damage. This is a creative way to change the look of your mirror without spending a fortune. Framing a mriror in regular frame molding is gorgeous in itself, but bevel strips are an inexpensive alternative. Alamo Glass and Mirror can add beveled srtrips to your existing mirror on your wall, without ever removing the mirror. This is a quick and easy install and will take your room from boring to elegant. If you have a mirrored wall, and you think it looks plain, but love the fact that it opens up the room, add bevel strips! We provide strips in different thickness so you are sure to find what you like. Check out the examples I have provided. You can also stop by our showrooms at either location and see our on the wall examples of the strips. We look forward to seeing you soon!


Thick beveled strips on vanity mirrors

2 thoughts on “Beveled Mirrored Strips look great in Dallas homes!

  1. Jo Holloway says:

    I would like to do all the windows in my house with beveling. Could you give me a price list and instructions on how to measure the windows. I will do one room at a time unless the price is reasonable and I can do it all at once.
    Thank you. Jo Holloway

  2. I’d like to jazz up a big plain mirror in the Master Bath.

    It’ 3′ by 9′ with no frame or embeleshments of any kind.

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