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Dallas Homes Need Low E Insulated Glass

Low e insulated glass can help Dallas homeowners cool off during this record breaking summer!

So far this summer has been brutal for Dallas and Ft Worth residents.  We have suffered through more than 30 straight days of 100 plus degree heat, and the end of this extreme heat does not seem to be anywhere in sight.  The heat puts a strain on Dallas homeowners comfort and finances.  For many homeowners the last couple of months energy cost have doubled and even tripled compared to the bills they were paying in the spring.  Luckily Alamo Glass & Mirror has a solution to help ease the pain and agony associated with this record heat…. Low E insulated glass.

What Does Low E Mean?

The “E” in low e stands for emissivity.  Emissivity is a measure of a materials ability to radiate energy.  Material with a “low” emissivity absorbs and radiates infrared energy poorly which is a crucial factor in heat transfer.

How Does Low E Glass Work?

To understand how low e glass works, you must first understand the suns energy and solar spectrum.  The sun’s energy can be divided into 3 different components:

  1. Ultra Violet Light- ultra violet light can be harmful to humans and can also damage or fade home furnishings.  It is highly desirable to eliminate the transfer of all ultra violet rays.  Low E glass blocks ultra violet rays.
  2. Visible Light-  visible light is the desired component of the sun.  Natural daylight is the cheapest source of lighting available…. It is free!  Low E glass transmits visible light
  3. Infrared Energy- infrared energy is both desirable and undesirable.  If you live in a cold climate, you will want the sun’s infrared energy to provide warmth to your house.  If you live in a warm climate, such as Dallas and Ft Worth, infrared energy is undesirable, causing discomfort and places a huge strain on people and air conditioning units.  Low E glass distributes the Infrared energy from the sun.

The reason that low e glass is so effective and energy efficient is because of the way it handles the infrared energy produced by the sun.  infrared energy is absorbed by carpets, curtains , furniture and walls in the interior of a building and is changed into long wave infrared heat.  Objects on the exterior of a building also absorb short wave energy and are changed into long wave heat energy.  In summer conditions the low e coating on the glass reflects long wave heat energy back toward the outside of the building.  In winter conditions the low e coating on the glass reflects long wave heat energy back into the inside of the building.

Low e insulated glass allows for greater control of internal environment, greater occupants comfort and lower heating and cooling cost throughout the year.  If you have been struggling to keep your house cool during this miserable summer, low e glass insulated glass may be just what you need for comfort and energy bill savings.  Alamo Glass & Mirror can replace the glass in your windows with low e glass, or we can provide whole window replacements with the most energy efficient 3/4″ and 1″ insulated glass.   ALl of our insulated glass comes with a 10 year warranty.

Let Alamo Glass & Mirror help keep you and your family cool.  The money you save throughout the years on your electric bill will more than pay for the cost of the low e glass.

Do yourself and your family a favor, contact Alamo Glass today and leave the hot weather where it belongs, outside.

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  1. Awesome blog! Very informative…..man it sure is hot out! I will be giving Alamo a call!

  2. ultra violet light can be harmful to humans and can also damage or fade home furnishings. Low E glass blocks ultra violet rays. I am truly thankful to you for providing us with this more selective information.

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