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Medicine Cabinets…Everything Old is New Again

Medicine cabinets are in again. You may wonder when they were ever out of fashion. Actually, for the past few years designers have been leaving them off bathroom remodeling plans while concentration on shower door enclosures and other modern amenities. There seemed to be consensus among designers that medicine cabinets were old hat and that mirrors or other wall adornments were the hipper way to go.

Perhaps homeowners were the first to realize that they were missing the practicality of having a wall cabinet. Or perhaps it occurred to designers that furnishings and decor elements with no useful applications may not be the best use of space, particularly in what is usually the smallest room in the house. For whatever reason, designers are starting to include medicine cabinets again and it’s a good thing.

There are so many things we are used to stashing in a bathroom such as cosmetics, shampoos, dental supplies, bandages, antiseptics and medications. To do away with a cabinet which can hold at least some of the smaller items, makes the bathroom less user friendly. How annoying it would be to search through the house for items you would normally store in the bathroom, for instance cotton balls or dental floss, just because you don’t have cabinet space in your bathroom.

Styles to Suit Any Decor

Of course, you can go for the old fashioned utilitarian cabinet with metal or glass shelves that most of us are familiar with, but why would you, when the options are nearly endless? These cabinets come in a variety of styles to fit any bath decor. Whether you are looking for Art Deco or Victorian inspired cabinetry, or any other era for that matter, chances are it’s available. Often you can find components to match the medicine cabinet, such as a towering shelf for towels or a ceiling high cabinet. And any style of medicine cabinet will work seamlessly with a sleek, frameless shower enclosure.

In addition, you can go as elaborate or as modern as you wish for the medicine cabinet’s mirrored front. Consider Venetian glass, or a mirror set in an ornate baroque frame, or a sleek modern mirror.

Innovative Cabinets

There are ultra-modern styles available which incorporate unique elements. For instance, there are cabinets which instead of opening from the side, lift up from the bottom. There are ones which are basically micro-refrigerators, for keeping your cooling eye creams chilled. And you can keep a water bottle on hand for those nights when you don’t want to walk all the way to the kitchen. For those people who get up at night but hate flipping on the overly bright bathroom light, there are medicine cabinets with motion activated lighting. The lighting is usually subtle like a nightlight. You can see just what you need to without being startled by too much brightness.

Of course, once you’ve gone ultra-modern with your cabinetry, you will probably want to update other parts of your bathroom, such as your shower enclosure. Think frameless, because nothing says modern like crystal clear walls of glass. Come visit our Dallas showroom to see all the options available to you.

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