Starting tomorrow, February 6th we will begin operating out of our new location at 10510 Olympic Dr in Dallas, Texas!  We have been working very hard to get the new building ready, and we are almost complete.  All of our glass fabrication machinery and equipment was moved over the last couple of weeks, and our fabrication plant is now fully functional.  In fact we have been operating that side of the business at the new location for the last week.

Putting up the new slat wall to display our awesome selection of decorative framed wall mirrors

All we are waiting on now is for our phones to be moved to the new location, and then we are ready to go.  That being said, our phones will be temporarily disconnected today beginning at 4:30.  When we reopen tomorrow, they should (keeping our fingers crossed) be up and running.

We can’t wait for all of our customers to come visit us and check out the new place.  We are still in the process of designing our new showroom and building the new displays.  The new showroom is going to be fabulous!  It is going to be a great place for our homeowners, business owners, interior designers and home builders to visit for ideas and to plan their next project.  There will be many full size shower enclosure displays, all types of pattern glass, painted glass, furniture glass, mirrors, you name it.  If it is glass that you are looking for, you will be able to see and touch it in our new showroom!  Of course we will also have our large selection of beautiful and trendy decorative wall mirrors that we are known throughout Dallas and Ft Worth for as well as our huge selection of decorative custom frame moldings.

Tile being installed in one of many full size frameless shower enclosure displays. We have worked with professional designers in selecting all of the materials being incorporated into our new glass showroom.

Remember beginning tomorrow February 6th Alamo Glass will be located at 10510 Olympic Dr  Dallas, Texas 75220.  Please stop by and see us when you can.  We will continue to update you on all the goings on at Alamo Glass.  If you have any questions or need any help with your projects involving glass, give us a call or stop by and talk to one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives.

Click Here for directions to our new location

WE ARE MOVING! This Time It’s Permanent

Alamo Glass

Our new address will be:

10510 Olympic Dr
Dallas, Texas 75220

The last several months have been quite a transition period for Alamo Glass.  In September we said goodbye to our home of nearly 70 years when we moved out of the original location on Henderson Ave.  We moved the whole company to our glass fabrication plant, it was not the ideal situation, but we did what we had to do.   We knew that the move was going to be temporary, but did not want to say anything until all of the details where finalized.  We have been searching for a building to suit our needs for over a year, and on December 31st of 2012 we finally closed on our new building!

Alamo Glass

The new building gives us more space for our glass fabrication plant and a large beautiful new glass and mirror design center.  We are very excited about all of the planning and work that we have put into this new facility and feel that it is going to allow us to better serve our customers.  It has been a long process, we searched all over trying to find the perfect building and believe it or not, the building that we settled on is just one block north of where we are currently located.

Alamo Glass

Last week we began moving all of our glass machinery and equipment to the new location.  It was very difficult moving all of our glass edging machines, automatic cutting table, beveling machines and CNC work center (10 machines in all),  but we managed to get it done.

This week we are in the process of moving all of our glass and mirrors to the new facility, reconnecting and re-calibrating all of the machinery and putting the final touches on our new glass design center.  We hope for the entire company to be operating out of the new building at 10510 Olympic Dr starting Monday morning February 4th.

Alamo Glass

We would like to thank all of our customers for your understanding and continued business.  We are confident that this new facility is going to allow us to better serve your glass and mirror needs in the future.  We will let everyone know just as soon as we are fully operational at the new facility and encourage you to stop by and check out the new place.

Click Here To View Map To Our New Location

The Times Are Changing

As many of you know by now, Alamo Glass & Mirror is going to be moving from our location at 2823 N Henderson.  It has been a very difficult decision and there have been many sleepless nights for myself and other members of  my family.

Alamo Glass & Mirror opened it’s doors at this location in 1943 and has occupied the same building ever since.  Over the years we have seen and been a part of many changes to this historic neighborhood in Dallas, Texas.  Alamo Glass is one of the oldest tenants on Knox/ Henderson strip.  Only Dickey’s Bar B Que and Highland Park Pharmacy have been there longer.

The news of the upcoming move has brought back many old memories.  Many of our customers have shared stories with us about going to Alamo Glass as a kid with their mothers, fathers, grand fathers etc….  In some ways the funny looking pink building at the corner of Henderson and Milam has become somewhat of a land mark in this area of Dallas.

Over the years the Knox/ Henderson area (Henderson in particular) has transformed into the hot place to be seen in Dallas.  The street is now dominated by bars, restaurants and upscale apartment complexes where many of Dallas’ young up and comers spend most of their time.  This has caused a very significant increase in property value in the area.  Our building is very coveted due to it’s size, historic architecture and corner location.  My father, Rick, and I have thought long and hard about this, and will be thinking about it up to the final day.  If we can figure out a way for us to stay, we will, but as it stands right now it just does not make good business since.  It would be very hard to remain competitive in our industry having to pay the exhorbitant cost associated with the building.  We feel like that would be unfair to our customers, as it would probably lead to us having to cut cost in some other area of our business.

Unless we figure out a way to offset some of this cost that makes both business since and is fair to our loyal customer base and employees we will have to move.  Rest assured that if we do figure something out, we will be more than happy to stay.  No one within our organization likes this change, but we are all excited about what the future has to offer.  We will still be here in Dallas doing the same quality work we do every day.  If and when we do end up moving we will be relocating to our fabrication facility at 2620 Willowbrook Rd right off of Northwest Hwy in Dallas.

In anticipation of the upcoming move, Alamo Glass is having a sale. All decorative framed mirrors are 50% off. There are many unique mirrors in the showroom such as the one pictured above.

As it stand right now, we will be in our current location through September.  In anticipation of the move, we are having a huge “Moving Sale” .  All of our decorative framed mirrors in the showroom are currently 50% off. If you have ever been to our showroom, you know that we have some beautiful mirrors.  Stop by and see if we have something for you.  There are some great buys, but inventory is going fast.  Don’t miss out.

If we can figure out a way to stay, we will let you know.  Thank you to all of our loyal customers over the last 69 years, we couldn’t have lasted this long without you!  We look forward to working with all of you for the next 69 plus years!

-Cory Worsham

Hotel Renovation Completed By Alamo Glass

Commercial Glass

Alamo Glass has recently wrapped up another major hotel renovation in Dallas, Texas!  This was a very involved job, and our work is prominently featured throughout the hotel.

Moline Construction located in Dallas, Texas was the general contractor on this project.  We have worked with Moline on many other hotel and country club renovations throughout the years, and they are always a pleasure to work for.

Commercial GlassThe job began in December of 2011 and wrapped up in March of 2012.   Alamo Glass provided everything from storefront to mirrors.  Hotels are always exciting to work on for us because the designers on these projects often specify unusual, exotic and challenging products.

We enlisted the help of many great vendors from around the country to provide us with the products needed to complete the job.  There were many challenges along the way, but the team at Alamo Glass delivered outstanding service and technical skills to complete the job on time and within budget.

Alamo Glass provided and installed over 1500 custom saten glass table tops, a 1/2″ glass stair railing, custom crinkle textured bronze mirror, a feature wall with 1/2″ custom cast glass, 1/2″ butt glazed storefront with automatic sliding doors and many other products.

We are very proud of the outstanding work that our highly skilled glaziers were able to produce under the tight deadline that was imposed to complete the job.  We would also like to thank Moline Construction for allowing us the opportunity to work on this project  as well as all of the other trades that were involved on this job.  It took many GREAT companies to finish this major remodel in the short amount of time provided.

CLICK HERE to see more pictures of our work on this job.

Remember, Contact Alamo Glass for all of your glass and mirror needs, whether large or small!

Dallas Area locations!

Alamo Glass and Mirror has been providing quality glass and mirror work for over 65 years, but did you know we are also Inwood Glass and Mirror and Republic Glass and Mirror?

Inwood Glass and Mirror now goes by the name Alamo Glass and Mirror, and we are located on 2620 Willowbrook Road Dallas Texas 75220. We are one block north of Northwest Highway and Harry Hines.  We are also a well established company, and this location is where our main fabrication and production takes place. This location is more of our “warehouse”. We have a showroom with many differnt framed mirrors, as well as wall mirror examples. We have samples of all our different types of obscure glass for cabinet and we also have large shower enclosure displays, so you are sure to find what you are looking for. Our staff at this location is ready to help you, so come on by!

In 2009 we took over Republic Glass and Mirror, which was a company that has been in our family for many years, started by the owner’s father.  We had a location off of Highway 67 in Duncaville, then we moved over to Big Stone Gap. We closed down that location in February of 2011, in order to move in to our Willowbrook location. We still serve all of the South Dallas including,  Duncanville, Desoto, Cedar Hill and surrounding areas. All of the employees at Republic Glass and Mirror, moved to our other location, so you will get the same great friendly service you have been accustomed to.

As always you can visit our main DFW showroom, Alamo Glass and Mirror located off of Central and Knox/Henderson, in that ever growing trendy Dallas area.  Our physical address is 2823 N Henderson Dallas Texas 75206. We have 100’s of custom framed mirrors, a room dedicated to custom moldings, large shower enclosure displays, as well as samples of all our other products we provide. This showroom has been here since the 1940’s and we continue to provide great service to all of our loyal customers.

We hope this clears up all your questions, and you stop by today to take a look at what we have to offer!

Dallas/ Ft Worth it is the time to call Alamo!

Here at Alamo Glass and Mirror, quality work is always our top priority. We have been providing quality showers, mirrors, as well as other glass for over 65 years. We are family owned and operated and serve all of the Dallas, Fort Worth area, as well as surrounding cities like, Southlake, Mansfield, Frisco, Wylie, Trophy Club- just to name a few.

We understand times are tough for all of our new as well as existing customers. We are working hard to provide the best quality and prices in town. We have extended warranties on our showers, at no additional fee and have existing warranties on other products. We are restructuring our pricing in order to help the customer afford the products we offer. We have competitive pricing and we always like a challenge! We understand our customers are smart buyers, and shop around for quotes. Lets us know if you have any questions or concerns on our bids.  A happy customer is a number one goal for all of us here at Alamo Glass and Mirror. We take pride in knowing we have repeat customers who have been using us for years and years.

We hope that you call us today for an estimate or come by our showrooms to speak with an experienced staff member, who can provide detailed quotes for your specific project.

As always, thank you to all of our loyal customers, and we can not wait to work with our new customers. Please tell your friends about us!



Alamo Glass and Mirror

Beveled Mirrored Strips look great in Dallas homes!

Are you tired of looking at your plain old mirror above your vanity? Embarrassed because the silver is chipping on your mirror and you can’t find money in your budget to replace them? Do you wish you could frame existing mirror, but think adding frame molding is too time consuming as well as costly? Friends- Let Alamo Glass and Mirror help!

We offer beveled mirrored strips, have you heard of this product? No, well let me explain! Beveled strips are mirror cut in strips, to add to exisiting mirror to give the mirror a framed look, (framed in mirror). It can give your plain mirror an instant update. Adding bevel strips can hide chips along the bottom of the mirror that may occur from years of water damage. This is a creative way to change the look of your mirror without spending a fortune. Framing a mriror in regular frame molding is gorgeous in itself, but bevel strips are an inexpensive alternative. Alamo Glass and Mirror can add beveled srtrips to your existing mirror on your wall, without ever removing the mirror. This is a quick and easy install and will take your room from boring to elegant. If you have a mirrored wall, and you think it looks plain, but love the fact that it opens up the room, add bevel strips! We provide strips in different thickness so you are sure to find what you like. Check out the examples I have provided. You can also stop by our showrooms at either location and see our on the wall examples of the strips. We look forward to seeing you soon!


Thick beveled strips on vanity mirrors

Dallas- It’s time to update your shower!


If you are like most of us you are looking around your aging home thinking where do I start? One way to instantly add value to your home is in your bathroom. The time has come to remodel your shower, so let Alamo Glass and Mirror help! Make your bathroom a tranquil spot where you can go to relax.

We have been providing custom glass for over 65 years, our employees are trained professionals who can help make your remodel an easy process. We offer custom shower enclosures in frameless and semi-frameless. No matter your budget for your 2012 renovation, we can help design a shower enclosure that will make your home look and feel instantly like a million bucks! . The frameless shower enclosure lets the focus stay on your tile work, by using very minimal hardware for a beautifully clean update to your room.

We are proud to say we are registered dealers of ShowerGuard Glass. They offer a  LIFETIME WARRANTY on their products.  Normal glass overtime, can become foggy with buildup due to water, soap-scum  and other factors.  ShowerGuard glass is sealed during manufacturing to keep the glass looking new for years longer, with very minimal cleaning.  Think of ShowerGuard products  similar to your teflon pan. Water just rolls off of the pan, why shouldn’t your shower glass be the same way? If you don’t believe me, click here to be directed to their website and learn more about the products they offer.

We are registered dealers of this exceptional product!

We offer warranties on all our products, and we   now offer a two year custom shower enclosure warranty, read more about it HERE. We also have an exclusive offer on our website- GET $125.00 OFF ANY MULTI-PANEL CUSTOM SHOWER ENCLOSURE!!!!!!!

A deal like that won’t last for long, so contact us today!

Alamo Glass Awarded Major Dallas Hotel Renovation Contract

Alamo Glass & Mirror has been awarded the contract for the glass and glazing at the Sheraton Hotel in Dallas at 635 and the toll road.  We are very excited to be participating in this major renovation to this great hotel.

Alamo Glass will be a major participant in the remodel of the Sheraton Hotel in North Dallas in the coming months.

Our scope of work will involve new storefront, 1/2″ frameless “herculite” style doors, a new butt glass storefront at the main entrance of the hotel with automatic sliding glass doors, solid glass walls and room dividers with custom slumped pattern glass and a custom bronze crinkle mirror designed and produced by UltraGlas in California that will be installed behind the bar.  The main feature of the renovation will be the custom glass stair baluster that we will be installing. The job has just begun and the projected completion date is March of 2012.  We will be posting pictures of our work in the coming months and hope that our customers will be able to stop by the hotel when it reopens to see the quality of work that Alamo Glass & Mirror produces. If you have any custom glass or mirror needs, please contact Alamo Glass & Mirror.

Custom acid etched glass that Alamo Glass supplied and installed for the 90 million dollar Sheraton Hotel renovation in downtown Dallas in 2009

Alamo Glass In Search of Cutting Edge Custom Glass Applications

Unfortuantely due to the proprietary nature of the products on display at the Glass Build America show, attendees are not allowed to take picture of the products on display. I did manage to sneak a few photos from the show floor though!

I just recently returned form the annual Glass Build America trade show presented by the National Glass Association in Atlanta.  It is always a fun and exciting show where companies from around the world present the newest technology and innovations available to the glass industry.  I attend this show every year with the goal of learning about the newest products, meeting new manufacturers and suppliers and finding new exciting products to offer to Dallas and Ft Worth homeowners, business owners, contractors and designers.

It amazes me every year the advances that are made in the flat glass industry.  Technology has allowed for many new process and products.   Over the next few weeks I will highlight some of the companies and their products that I found very interesting and hopefully introduce you to some of the new possibilities available with glass.  I will focus on digital printing on glass, some of the unique laminating capabilities now available mixing glass with other materials such as wood, fabric and even vegetation (flowers, grass, etc…) and switchable glass (a product that can instantly be trnsfromed from transparent to translucent with the click of a button.

One of the companies offering digital printing on glass

Check back often as I will be providing links to these innovative companies and their products.  As always if you have a custom glass need, we here at Alamo Glass are here to serve you.  Contact us today to discuss your custom glass project with our customer representatives.