Custom Glass Shelves for Your Home or Office

Glass Shelves & Cabinet Glass
Glass Shelves & Cabinet Glass

Glass shelves can quickly enhance the beauty of any room by adding that professional look and feel for both home and office environments.

Glass shelves are great for storage, display areas, and adding a clean look to an area. 

Unlike wood shelves, glass shelves allow light to filter through to open up and highlight the areas below the first shelf. Continue reading Custom Glass Shelves for Your Home or Office

Frameless Shower Doors Add Beauty to Dallas Homes

With the downturn in the housing market, Dallas residents are choosing to remodel their existing homes instead of purchasing a new home.  Most remodels generally start with the master bathroom.  These bathrooms are being transformed into a luxurious spa and the center piece of these bathrooms is the frameless shower enclosure.

frameless shower doors
This is just an example of one of the many possibilities for your custom frameless shower enclosure.

Gone are the days of just installing a boring framed shower door that’s only purpose is to keep water in the shower.  Now the shower door can also serve as a beautiful eye catching piece in the master bathroom.  Frameless shower doors are made using 3/8″ or 1/2″ thick glass.  There are many different textured and pattern glass options, but the most common glass used is clear.

The clear glass opens up the bathroom and shows off the customers beautiful tile or marble.   Traditional framed shower doors come in 4 standard finishes, however frameless shower door hardware is available in over 25 different finishes to match any plumbing and light fixtures the homeowner may choose.

Alamo Glass & Mirror has long been the preferred frameless shower door provider of Dallas homeowners.  Our expert staff will be there every step of the way from the design to installation.  Thinking about remodeling your bathroom?  Contact us today for your free in home
frameless shower door consultation 214-821-2886. Continue reading Frameless Shower Doors Add Beauty to Dallas Homes

Dallas and Ft. Worth Businesses Are Choosing Glass Furniture Tops For Their Offices!

There are a variety of different types of glass that can be used as protective furniture tops. Call Alamo Glass to find out more

Businesses in the  in DFW are choosing to add glass tops to their desks. Alamo has been  accommodating the glass and mirror needs of  local businesses for years. By adding a glass top to your office desk you are not only benefiting the surface of the desk, but you are instantly adding a more modern look. This helps keep you desk looking polished, even if you have a stacks of paperwork!

Alamo Glass can come to your business and measure your offices to fit a custom piece of glass on every desk. If you need holes in the glass for computer plugs, phone cords, etc- no problem! We have got you covered. Glass will help protect your newly purchased office furniture from scratches, spills and other accidents that may arise, while providing a great writing surface. Continue reading Dallas and Ft. Worth Businesses Are Choosing Glass Furniture Tops For Their Offices!

Richardson, Tx Home Owners are Crazy About Frameless Shower Enclosures

Frameless Shower DoorsAlamo Glass & Mirror is the preferred frameless glass shower door installer of Richardson, Tx homeowners.  We have taken many average looking bathrooms and turned them into a luxury spa.

Our frameless shower doors can have 3/8″ glass or 1/2″ glass.  There are many different types to choose from.  The most common glass used is clear glass, however some Richardson residents prefer the look of saten glass or rain glass.  Whatever glass you choose, these custom glass shower installations really compliment your bathroom.

If you are remodeling your bathroom or just want a more elegant shower enclosure, please contact Alamo Glass & Mirror.  We offer free in home estimates.  We also have two conveniently located showrooms for Dallas and Ft Worth residents to get a hands on view of our beautiful custom glass and mirror products. Continue reading Richardson, Tx Home Owners are Crazy About Frameless Shower Enclosures

Keep Your Shower Glass Sparkling!

With a few tips, your shower glass can look as good as the day we installed it!

Over time, Shower door glass  will accumulate soap scum, this is a fact but proper cleaning is necessary to keep the glass looking as beautiful as the day Alamo Glass installed it. We recommend a few simple tricks as outlined bellow:

Always wipe down the glass after every use. This may sound like a lot of work, but it will eventually become a habit. I do not mean you have to use glass cleaner and wipes, simply use a squeegee after you are finished taking your shower. Once I get out of the shower I wipe down the glass with my damp towel, this works as well.

I would recommend using glass cleaner and paper towels once a week.  Any cleaner for glass should work well. We offer an excellent glass cleaner here in our shop , made by one of our manufacturers CRL.  Stop by our showroom to purchase some. Your favorite glass cleaner will work also. Continue reading Keep Your Shower Glass Sparkling!

Dallas Designers Are Turning Back The Clock With Antique Mirrors

Antique MirrorsAntique mirrors are no longer a thing of the past!  Dallas designers are incorporating this timeless material into more and more projects these days. Alamo Glass has a wide variety of antique mirror to choose from and we also work with glass artisans to assist our customers in creating that special one of a kind piece.

Continue reading Dallas Designers Are Turning Back The Clock With Antique Mirrors

Storefront Windows Enhance Your Customer’s Experience

storefront glass

Homeowners looking to upgrade the appearance of their home will often have new windows installed. New windows act as a sort of facelift for a house. Besides paint nothing else can so quickly transform the look of your home. The right windows can help to modernize and enhance the architectural design. The same is true for storefront windows.

Glass can have a similar transforming effect on a business building. A storefront of glass is not only sleek and attractive, it welcomes in natural light.  Walls of glass let strolling customers window shop with ease. Showcased products will lure customers inside, and the welcoming sunlight filtering into the store will keep customers shopping. Imagine a clothing store with a front of glass. The store owner will have the window space to display their latest seasonal line to advantage.

Continue reading Storefront Windows Enhance Your Customer’s Experience

Customize your Glass for Maximum Results

custom glassUpdate Your Decor: Consider Stenciling a Mirror or Two

Mirrors have been used as canvasses for signage for centuries. Many a bar or restaurant, displays an antique mirror stenciled with the establishment’s name and the date the business was founded. Antique shops often carry mirrors painted with advertising slogans.

A popular trend in mirrors is a “do-it-yourself stenciling”. Crafters often stencil mirrors with either text or pattern. For a mirror stenciled with text, the crafter will choose an adage or inspirational quote or if the mirror is large enough, and an excerpt from a favorite book. What the mirror will say is not the only important consideration. The font should fit the sentiment displayed. Text stencils can be created with a desktop printer using graphic software applications. Continue reading Customize your Glass for Maximum Results

Using Glass & Mirror – Make Your Outdoors Beautiful

glass mirrors

Mirrors aren’t just for indoor decor anymore. Unusual Mirrors are showing up outside, in gardens everywhere, reflecting statuary or a pond, or a profusion of flowers. A mirror is like a magical portal inside your garden.

It makes the perfect addition to all styles of landscaping, from the traditional English garden, to an exotic cactus garden. Unique doors, antique frames, and old windows are being used to showcase the mirror.

A garden mirror makes a great do-it-yourself project. If you enjoy antique shopping you can find the perfect frame for your mirror. Because the mirror will be propped outdoors you will want a distressed wood framework. These picturesque pieces look particularly fitting in quaint flower gardens. Consider scouring garage sales and thrift stores for a latticed window or a rustic door. Continue reading Using Glass & Mirror – Make Your Outdoors Beautiful

The Ultimate Bathroom Addition: A Steam Shower

Steam showers are the new must-haves when renovating your bathroom. A steam shower turns your bathroom into your own personal spa. For years, most people had to go to a gym, a spa, or a resort to enjoy the luxury of a steam bath. Steam baths offer many healthful benefits from sweating out impurities, to clearing sinuses and easing the symptoms of bronchitis.

The soothing heat of the steam is a perfect antidote to a stressful day at work. It can relax tense muscles and clean the skin of the grit and grime of city air. What makes these modern steam showers unique is the fact that they are no longer separate units from shower stalls. A bather can indulge in a steam session and then shower afterwards without leaving the shower enclosure.

Think a steam bath with benches plus shower-heads. Perhaps because of the spa factor, people equip their steam shower with every available shower head option, from overhead rain units, to body sprays to hand-held sprayers. Continue reading The Ultimate Bathroom Addition: A Steam Shower