Glass Table Tops Bring Out the Beauty of Your Home

Glass Table Top

Dining tables represent a focal point for your family and home. Some people love to have wooden furniture and others like the modern glass look. Both have their advantages. A variety glass table tops have made their way into the chic of interior designs. Some people use the glass alone as the top, while others use to cover their beautiful wood top for protection and ease of cleaning.

Starting out in restaurants for the beautiful look and feel as well as cleaning benefits, glass tops for your table make living with beautiful furniture a reality.

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Best Interior Design Styles & Tips for 2015

Glass Window Repair

It’s always exciting to see what the experts predict as trends in home design for the coming year. These professionals research the industry and combine with new technology, the country’s economy and world events, and project what styles will be popular.

Unfortunately, paint and color trends can change from year to year. Unless you have an unlimited budget it can be extremely costly to change the entire color scheme of your home whenever designs and colors change.

There are some styles and trends that weather time and change. They continue on strong and keep your home in line with current designs. Continue reading Best Interior Design Styles & Tips for 2015

Not All Bathrooms are Created Equal

Shower Doors

Do you have a small, cramped bathroom which barely gets used? Do you have a guest bathroom which is sorely in need of a makeover? Consider modernizing with a coat of fresh paint, natural tiles, and a frameless shower enclosure.

Many houses have square footage which is basically wasted. Bathrooms which rarely, if ever, get used. Perhaps members of your family always avoid that 3/4 bath near the laundry room and, instead, will travel the length of the house to use their favorite bathroom.

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Frameless Shower Door Benefits

Frameless Shower Doors Dallas, TX
Frameless shower doors
are gaining in popularity. Most modern shower designs depict frameless doors to enhance the beauty of the new state of the art showers.

People are finding that when they make an important investment to install a beautiful shower area with elegant tile and fixtures, an old fashioned type of shower door complete with metal frame just doesn’t go with the look, and may actually detract from the shower. Continue reading Frameless Shower Door Benefits

Use Modern Design to Enhance Your Home’s Style

Replacement Glass WIndows Dallas, TX

Bookcases have long been an essential piece of furniture in our homes. We have used them to store books, and their tops were usually reserved for family pictures.

More recently, their use has been enhanced with modern design additions that add beauty and personality to our homes.

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Fashionably Enhance the Look & Feel of Any Room

Glass Window Repair Dallas, TX

Glass is but one of many available items to compliment the look of your home. Fabric is also very popular. A variety of fabrics is said to be a cornerstone of optimizing your home’s look. Be it a tablecloth, throw pillows, or wall hanging, fabrics are simple yet expressive home decorating trinkets that are inexpensive, yet functional.

They can be used to highlight a sofa and a set of pillows, provide color to a neutral setting or accent a piece of furniture made of wood. Continue reading Fashionably Enhance the Look & Feel of Any Room

Custom Glass Table Tops & Shower Doors

Glass Table Tops Dallas TXIf you have a table base constructed of cement, tubular steel or a base that is designed to hold a piece of glass as the table top, you will want to contact Alamo Glass & Mirror.

We are the professionals to call to construct your beautiful glass table top.

The glass table top should have a minimum thickness, however ½” is recommended for most table tops. The half-inch can provide additional strength and will complement the fine look of the table. If a very thick look is desired, you can also use ¾ inch glass that will obviously cost more than that of the ½ inch. Continue reading Custom Glass Table Tops & Shower Doors

Shower Doors Shattering Spontaneously on the Rise

Glass Shower Doors Dallas, TX

Consumer Product Safety Commission has filed 195 reports since January 2012 relating to shattering glass shower doors implicating a multitude of direct manufactures.

Kohler recalled some one hundred glass shower doors several years ago due to the fact that various consumer’s negative complaints of occurrences of spontaneous shattering. Kohler explained after negative reviews were submitted to that these particular shower doors were made of tempered glass. Continue reading Shower Doors Shattering Spontaneously on the Rise

2 Unique Mirror Treatments

Broken Mirrors

A shattered mirror is supposed to bring seven years bad luck. But some interior designers are laughing at that notion, and using broken mirrors as eye-catching objects.

For the non-superstitious among us, or those who like the thrill of testing fate, a broken mirror can make a stunning wall hanging. The mirror shards refract light in ways that a perfectly smooth mirror cannot. Imagine those chandelier lights reflected back in a myriad of different ways.  And a large shattered mirror would certainly be a conversation piece. Continue reading 2 Unique Mirror Treatments