Fashionably Enhance the Look & Feel of Any Room

Glass Window Repair Dallas, TX

Glass is but one of many available items to compliment the look of your home. Fabric is also very popular. A variety of fabrics is said to be a cornerstone of optimizing your home’s look. Be it a tablecloth, throw pillows, or wall hanging, fabrics are simple yet expressive home decorating trinkets that are inexpensive, yet functional.

They can be used to highlight a sofa and a set of pillows, provide color to a neutral setting or accent a piece of furniture made of wood. Continue reading Fashionably Enhance the Look & Feel of Any Room

Custom Glass Table Tops & Shower Doors

Glass Table Tops Dallas TXIf you have a table base constructed of cement, tubular steel or a base that is designed to hold a piece of glass as the table top, you will want to contact Alamo Glass & Mirror.

We are the professionals to call to construct your beautiful glass table top.

The glass table top should have a minimum thickness, however ½” is recommended for most table tops. The half-inch can provide additional strength and will complement the fine look of the table. If a very thick look is desired, you can also use ¾ inch glass that will obviously cost more than that of the ½ inch. Continue reading Custom Glass Table Tops & Shower Doors

Shower Doors Shattering Spontaneously on the Rise

Glass Shower Doors Dallas, TX

Consumer Product Safety Commission has filed 195 reports since January 2012 relating to shattering glass shower doors implicating a multitude of direct manufactures.

Kohler recalled some one hundred glass shower doors several years ago due to the fact that various consumer’s negative complaints of occurrences of spontaneous shattering. Kohler explained after negative reviews were submitted to that these particular shower doors were made of tempered glass. Continue reading Shower Doors Shattering Spontaneously on the Rise

2 Unique Mirror Treatments

Broken Mirrors

A shattered mirror is supposed to bring seven years bad luck. But some interior designers are laughing at that notion, and using broken mirrors as eye-catching objects.

For the non-superstitious among us, or those who like the thrill of testing fate, a broken mirror can make a stunning wall hanging. The mirror shards refract light in ways that a perfectly smooth mirror cannot. Imagine those chandelier lights reflected back in a myriad of different ways.  And a large shattered mirror would certainly be a conversation piece. Continue reading 2 Unique Mirror Treatments

Quality Glass Tabletop Designs for Your Home

Glass Top Dining Table

If you’re considering replacing your dining room set, or upgrading your existing set, you will want to consider a glass tabletop as the crown for your table.

Made of sturdy glass, these tops not only add to the ambiance of your dining room but are practical as well. Consider the number of times you have had to dust and wax your wood table top. Wood is beautiful, but through years of use, it mars, gets scratched and the sheen tends to disappear. Continue reading Quality Glass Tabletop Designs for Your Home

5 Quirky Bases for a Glass Table Top

If you are considering a glass-topped coffee table, consider furniture beyond the ordinary. Depending on your budget and creative spirit, you can purchase the components such as pedestals and a thick, tempered sheet of glass, or gather salvaged materials and build your own conversation piece from scratch.

If you like collecting exotic fish you no longer have to relegate them to a wall niche or shelf. Aquarium coffee tables allow you to enjoy watching your fish while you relax on the couch or entertain guests. Colorful fish will make this piece of furniture a show-stopper, and a true crowd pleaser. Friends will be drawn to it. Continue reading 5 Quirky Bases for a Glass Table Top

The Versatility of Mirrors

Mirrors are about illusion and brightness. They are a versatile decor element which can bring light and life to any room in the house. They can open up small spaces or make large spaces appear even larger, they can take center stage or serve as a conversation piece. Mirrors suit non-traditional design schemes as well as classical ones. They can be used to enhance a room or displayed as singular pieces of art. Or, if you have collected mirrors in a variety of shapes and sizes, they can be grouped to make an eclectic wall decoration. Candlelight, chandelier light, and diffused natural sunlight are all enhanced when reflected in a mirror.

One of the current trends is to place a very large framed mirror in a living room or master suite. Hanging a mirror of this size can be tricky, rather than chance pulling out chunks of plaster or drywall many people opt instead to prop these monster mirrors against the wall. Frames are chosen to complement the style of the room from ornate baroque to distressed finishes. Continue reading The Versatility of Mirrors

Frameless Shower Doors Turn Average Bathroom Into Beauty

Frameless Shower Doors

If you are considering a bathroom remodel you will want to think about installing frameless shower doors. Becoming more and more popular, these beautiful doors have revolutionized the look and feel of your shower room. What was once unsightly glass with rusted frames can now be a beautiful area, free of the metal that can be so detracting.

There are many styles and shapes to choose from, or you can have them custom made to satisfy your needs. Continue reading Frameless Shower Doors Turn Average Bathroom Into Beauty

Bathroom Decor: Glass, Glass, Everywhere

Bathroom decor which emphasizes the crystalline beauty of glass is a popular trend, and it all started with the invention of the frameless shower enclosure. Adding extra glass elements can open up and modernize any bathroom space. If your bathroom has an exterior wall consider installing more windows to let in as much natural light as possible. Also, consider adding glass-fronted cabinets. These are the perfect choice to sit beside your standalone glass-walled shower stall.

There is something about seeing stacks of pure white fluffy towels, dishes of soap, candles, and jars and bottles of pomades, perfumes, and shampoos which can make a bather feel as though they’ve entered a spa. Why hide all your pretty items behind wooden doors, nothing showcases objects better than glass.

Glass-fronted cabinets come in a variety of designs. With a classic bathroom they can resemble the cabinets you might find in the more formal areas of your house. These classic-inspired cabinets might have diamond-paned glass, something you might find on a library case which holds rare books or a dining room cabinet stacked with silver and china. This type of cabinetry fits well with a mini-chandelier and elegant woodwork in glossy white. If you are looking for opulence, then consider display cases filled with precious statuary and other breakable objects.

Glass-fronted cabinets which look more utilitarian or resemble antique curio cabinets or apothecary shelves are perfect for a streamlined modern bathroom or a retro-inspired decor. Frosted, rippled, bottle-base glass, stained glass, or art glass can all add interest.

Recycled Glass Countertops
Recycled glass countertops are another innovative way to add glass to your bathroom. These highly-reflective surfaces paired with glass cabinetry and glass shelving and a frameless shower enclosure can give your bathroom a sleek and shiny look. Besides being beautiful these countertops are green, as in eco-friendly green. Those bottles and jars which you throw in your recycling bin might very well end up in one of these shiny countertops. Glass countertops are made from resin or concrete and the glass pieces are embedded in the binding material. All the glass used is from recycled sources. Like countertops of natural stone you can buy glass countertops in neutral shades. But with recycled glass countertops you can go beyond neutral, to vibrant, bright shades. Glass countertops are manufactured in a variety of colors. You can have a mix of chips, ruby red and black for instance or cobalt blue and gray or even a confetti color scheme with a mix of bright colors.

You really can’t go wrong with more glass in your bathroom decor. It’s a versatile and easy to clean surface which can both brighten or lighten your bathroom. For some remodeling or redecorating inspiration, stroll through our Dallas showroom to see the wonder of glass on display.

When it comes to Bathroom Design is Modesty a Thing of the Past?

People of a certain generation, who are used to privacy in the bathroom environment, might find the prospect of an open-plan bedroom plus bathroom combo quite shocking. But some modern architects are challenging our need for privacy. These cutting-edge designers are behind the trend of open-plan master suites. These suites basically leave out the walls that once divided the bathroom from the bedroom, creating an environment where little is left to the imagination. In these open layouts, bathtubs are sharing floorspace with the bed or chaise lounge. Frameless shower enclosures with crystal clear, unobscured glass, sit openly in the corner of the room.

The unobstructed viewing thing works both ways. Not only can the bather be seen by anyone present in the room, but the bather can see clearly as well. Glass panels may allow the bather to enjoy watching the room’s TV, or gazing through the windows to a garden or a magnificent mountain view. Another daring design move is doing away with curtains and blinds on the windows. This is more common with highrise suites. Dwellers of these pricey suites are sleeping and bathing in what amounts to glass houses, and showering in glass cubicles within these glass house. These suites are in demand because they make the most of natural light. And because of the elevation of these penthouse nests, occupants are afforded a certain amount of privacy from curious strangers.

Obscured vs. Clear Glass
These open-layout suites are popping up everywhere from upscale hotels to loft spaces to elegant master suites. The popularity of frameless shower enclosures may have contributed to this innovative notion. When faced with a decision as to what type of glass to use for their frameless shower unit, many homeowners are opting to dispense with “modesty” glass. “Modesty” glass refers to glass which has been etched or frosted to blur and hide the bather. Some feel that a glass which has been designed to obscure, detracts from the openness that a frameless shower is meant to create. Obscured glass does not let in as much light, and may look dated compared with clear glass.

If you are not ready to “let it all hang out”, there is still beautiful etched and frosted glass to choose from. For a more modern look, rather than choosing a bland, generic pattern, you might consider something which draws inspiration from nature or art. For a truly unique look you could have your glass custom designed. Some homeowners are limiting the obscured glass to just a “modesty” panel instead of the entire shower enclosure. A panel may be all that’s needed to make a bather feel comfortable. Whether you are timid or daring, our Dallas showroom has the perfect glass for you.