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Interior Design Tips: Couples Living Together in Style

Interior Design in Dallas Texas
Interior Design in Dallas, TX

The idea of moving in together is a heady and exhilarating one. Creating a single household for you and your significant other, however, could be a bit daunting. Deciding on how to combine all of your possessions to create a cohesive and pleasing style can be a big task, and it might be one best handled by an interior decorator.

Not only can a professional help you find the right mix of pieces from both your homes, they also give you the freedom of turning over some of the bigger or more difficult decisions to an impartial third party.

Items to Carry Over, and Items to Buy Together

Both of you probably have some items that carry sentimental value or are otherwise valuable, like art and collectibles. These items will help give your new space the stamp of your personalities, and should always be incorporated. Things that are meant to offer function and comfort to both of you should be purchased together, especially if they’re bigger-ticket items like dining sets, a bedroom suite, and living area furniture like couches. It’s also important to have a few things that you’ve chosen together that just give the space a bit of a stamp of you “as a couple”. These could include a neat accent chair, a new piece of art, or even a rug.

Striking a Balance Between the Masculine and the Feminine

Neither of you should feel uncomfortable in your home; a balanced space that feels neither “too girly”, nor “too manly” is essential. Your color palette and your choices of materials will make a big difference in how masculine or feminine your home feels. Lighter color palettes that make use of pastels, for instance, can be balanced by “rougher” or more rugged materials like leather, stone, or reclaimed wood.

Making a Choice Between Continuity and Individuality

Some couples prefer to create a cohesive feeling throughout all of their rooms with an interior design plan that promotes continuity from one space to the next. Other couples desire single rooms of their own that can be designed specifically to their tastes. Both options are workable from an interior design perspective. In the end, the important thing is that you both are happy with the result, whether it involves a bit of separateness or the whole home is inclusive of both of you.

Choosing Fabrics, Colors, and Furniture

Some color palettes, furniture styles, and fabric selections are timeless. They’re chosen over and over by couples from all walks of life. One of the most popular combinations is that of black and white, along with wood accents. Neutral combinations including tan, beige, wood, and earthy materials are also very popular, as well as extremely versatile. These can be combined with rich hues of blue or green to create a more personalized look. Modern furniture with clean lines is also very popular, regardless of color scheme.

Trend Choices

More young couples are choosing to purchase items that not only work well in their current home, but also translate well into a new abode. Vintage fixtures, unique hardware, and one-of-a-kind statement art pieces are some of the most sought-after inclusions in interior design. Not only will they look great in your current space, they can lend a feeling of permanence as they travel from one home to the next.

Sage Advice

In an effort to keep the space from looking empty, you may be tempted to purchase items that are “all right for now”. Make a conscious decision not to buy anything you don’t love, especially if it’s something you’ll need over the long term, like living room furniture. Also, it’s important to create an inventory. It can be tedious, but an inventory can help you avoid keeping items that serve a similar purpose, as well as helping you evaluate what you have and what you’re still missing.

Two households condensing into one can be a somewhat terrifying experience for both of you. Working on your interior design plans with a professional can help you make the right decisions and keep you from feeling overwhelmed in the process. Just remember, it’s a space for both of you, and both of you should love the final result.

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