Brighten up your Business with a Glass Entrance!

Glass Lobby Entrance
Glass Lobby Entrance

Dark and gloomy entry ways can suffer from bad first impressions. Though, an up-to-date appearance of a glass entrance will speak to the professionalism and quality of a building or company entrance. For starters, updating your old doors or glass entrance is as easy as calling Alamo Glass & Mirror – (214)821-2886. One of our glass experts will drive to your location to look at your entrance, present possibilities for an upgrade, and quote you a price! The first step toward a more inviting commercial building is a phone call to Alamo Glass & Mirror. What look and ambience do you want to create with your glass entry way and doors? Every business and building owner should consider these upgrade ideas:

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Did you know Mirrors instantly open up a room?

Working for a glass and mirror company for so many years that serves areas like Highland Park, University Park, and Southlake, I have been in contact with some excellent designers. One key thing they always mention is mirrors. Mirrors, whether framed or flat, can open and visually enhance your space.

Bathroom Remodeling
Bathroom Remodeling

In my own bedroom, I decided to take down a framed picture I had on the wall, to create a new look and also bring in more light. I took apart the frame, removed the picture and painted the frame shiney black to give the frame a new look. Once it was dry, I had our shop fabricate a mirror and install the mirror in my newly painted frame. Once I got the beautiful new frame on the wall, my room instantly felt and looked bigger.

Bathroom Remodeling
Bathroom Remodeling

This was not by any means a large project, but Alamo Glass and Mirror can help you with any project., whether big or small. Let our experienced staff help bring your ideas to life.

Below is an interesting article I found about mirrors enhancing the true beauty of your space. If you have hit a decorating wall  and need a quick and easy accent to your space, come by and look at our affordable mirrors in our showroom.

“Decorating With Mirrors” courtesy of ElleDecor

Please feel free to contact us about any glass and mirror projects you have.

Alamo Glass & Mirror Company

Alamo Glass and Mirror is a full service residential and commercial glass company. We have an extensive inventory of glass and glass related products.

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Residential & Commercial Glass Products & Services in Dallas, TX

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Dallas Residents Have Relied On Alamo Glass Since 1945

If you are looking for a custom glass shop in Dallas, Alamo Glass & Mirror is the company for you.  We have provided Dallas homeowners and business owners with highest quality glass products and installation for over 65 years.  Alamo Glass is one the oldest full-service custom glass and mirror company in Dallas.

Service Center / Showroom:

10510 Olympic Dr
Dallas, Texas 75220
phone: 214-821-2886

Our services and products include:

  • Custom cut glass
  • Beveled glass and mirrors
  • Custom framed and frameless shower doors
  • Custom mirror installations
  • Glass furniture tops
  • Custom decorative framed mirrors
  • Window repair and replacement
  • Fogged insulated glass replacement
  • Storefront repair and installation
  • Herculite doors
  • Patio Doors

If you have a project requiring custom glass and want the job done right, stop by our showroom or contact us .  We offer free estimates,  and our knowledgeable staff is available to help you with any custom glass questions you have.

Privacy Glass for bathroom designs

Privacy Glass
Privacy Glass for Bathrooms

Privacy glass is ideal for a making a high-traffic bathroom more functional. While clear glass is favored for master bath shower enclosures, frosted glass is preferable for a guest bath or restroom shared by siblings.

What is frosted glass?

Acid is applied to glass to etch its surface and leave it “frosty.” This frosted glass offers more privacy than alternatives such as patterned or tinted glazing. Moreover, this glass features a timeless and classic look that can coordinate with many types of décor. So whether the bathroom in question is modern, transitional, or traditional, a frosted glass shower door will be able to fit in harmoniously while adding clean lines and subtle elegance.

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5 of the best ways to upgrade your home in 2017

Cozy living room | upgrade your home
Cozy living room

You want your living space to be an aesthetically appealing area in which it is easy to relax and recharge at the end of a busy day. These 5 tips will be most helpful in achieving the best ways to upgrade your home in 2017.

1. Make it easier to enjoy your outdoor living space.

Take advantage of all nature offers by making the most of your home’s outdoor living space. For starters, evaluate whether your deck, patio, or yard is easy to access. Do you need a larger patio door? Does your patio door glass need to be replaced due to hazardous cracks?

Other ways to ensure that your family will enjoy outside time include:

• Upgrading your patio furniture or sprucing it up with new cushions.
• Putting in a brick pizza oven.
• Adding simple landscaping such as flower beds on one side of your deck or patio.

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Transitional Bathroom Ideas 2017

bathroom designs
bathroom designs

Transitional bathroom designs feature a blend of the old and the new, merging fixtures and décor ideas from multiple eras. The popularity of this look allows homeowners to keep up with current trends while hanging on to beautiful or sentimental items from the past. Infact, it’s often possible to create a transitional look in your bathroom by replacing just a few key elements.

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3 Reasons to Add Glass Shower Doors to Your Bathroom

Frameless Glass Shower Doors
Frameless Glass Shower Doors

Glass shower doors will make your shower feel more elegant and spacious.

Making the switch from an opaque shower curtain to clear glass shower doors will instantly glamorize your shower area. What’s more, the transparent glass will impart a sense of roominess and openness so that the shower stall no longer seems narrow and confining.

There are a number of options from which you can choose to make your shower doors especially charming. These include:

• Frameless design to ensure that the doors are sleek and stylish.
• Fancy handles and hinges.
• More glass to create an enclosure suitable for a steam shower.

Without a doubt, switching to quality glass shower doors will have a significant impact on your bathroom’s aesthetic appeal. Adding elegance and a feeling of roominess to your shower will make a world of difference.

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Create the Illusion of Space in a Small Bathroom

Simple Bathroom

Today’s bathroom design trends favor giving this once neglected space lots of TLC. If your home’s bathroom is small, you may wonder if it is still possible to make it a glamorous and relaxing retreat. While you may not have the floor space to add a soaker tub or humongous shower enclosure, there are many ways to give a small bathroom a more spacious feel.

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