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Types of Glass Shower Doors for Your Bathroom

Partial enclosure glass shower doors in a large bathroom.

If you’re in the middle of replacing or renovating your shower enclosure, you know that one of your major decisions is what kind of glass shower door you’ll get.

But what kind of shower door works for your bathroom?

The answer is that it depends. It depends on the type of bathroom that you have and who will be using it.

Today, you’ll learn the type of shower door that you need depending on your bathroom.

Master Bathroom

The master bathroom should be a place of luxury and be your oasis. Typically, master bathrooms have both a stand-alone tub and a shower enclosure. The shower doors below are great options for your master bath:

  • Neoangle – Neoangle showers work well next to a stand-alone tub. Plus, they add dimension, save space, and make your bathroom look larger.
  • Swinging shower door – Master bathrooms are usually larger, so you have room for a swinging shower door.
  • Clear glass – Clear glass is the way to go for the master bath. With clear glass, your bathroom will feel open, light, and spacious.

Small Bathroom

When you have a small bathroom it can feel like there isn’t enough space for the glass shower door that you want. However, these options will help make your space feel larger:

  • Bifold door – Bifold shower doors close in on themselves, so they are the perfect space saver for your small bathroom.
  • Sliding door – Sliding shower doors don’t take up space at all. If you have a larger shower enclosure, or a tub/shower combo, sliding shower doors are the way to go.
  • Clear glass – Clear glass will make your bathroom feel spacious and light, so it’s the best option for a small bath.

Big Bathroom

With a big bathroom, the sky is the limit for your glass shower doors. Create the spa-like bathroom you want with these shower doors:

  • Partial enclosure – You can create the perfect walk in shower with a partial enclosure. Use glass panels to act as your glass shower door.
  • Swinging door – Swinging shower doors are the classic option if you have the space to accommodate them.

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Neo angle glass shower door in a master bathroom.

Family Bathroom

If you have kids, your family bathroom has different needs. Use these shower door options to accommodate:

  • Tub/shower combo – A tub/shower combo is the best option for when bath time comes around every night.
  • Sliding glass doors – Sliding glass shower doors work great with tub/shower combos and keep all the water inside your shower enclosure during bath time.
  • Frosted glass – We recommend frosted glass for your bathroom. With several kids using it to get ready in the morning, one child could be taking a shower in private, while another is brushing their teeth.

Guest Bathroom

If you have a guest bedroom with a bathroom, you won’t want to have a tub/shower combo. Most people don’t take baths when they’re a guest in someone else’s home, so you should use these glass shower door options instead:

  • Corner shower – A corner shower saves space, looks great, and is exactly what you need in a guest bathroom.
  • Swinging shower door – With a guest bathroom, you most likely will have space for a classic swinging shower door.

Senior Bathroom

Creating a shower enclosure for a senior bathroom has different challenges. You need to make sure that the shower enclosure is safe and accessible. Use these glass shower door options:

  • Swinging shower door – These are simple, easy-to-use shower doors that go well with any shower enclosure.
  • Curbless shower – The best thing to do is build a curbless shower, so you don’t have to lift your legs to get in and out of the shower.
  • Seat and grab bars – We recommend also adding a seat and grab bar for safety purposes.

Overall, you can build the walk in shower of your dreams, no matter what type of bathroom you have. You can customize your glass shower door depending on your needs.

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