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Shower Enclosure vs. Bathtubs: Top 5 Things to Consider

Bathroom with glass shower enclosure instead of a bathtub.

Upgrading your bathroom can be overwhelming.

You have to make a lot of decisions about the style, taking lots of other things into consideration. One of the main decisions you’ll need to make is whether you want a bathtub or a shower enclosure.

Today, you’ll learn the top 5 things you need to consider when you’re mulling over your decision.

1. Usage

One of the main things to consider is what bathroom you are renovating and who will be using it.

If you’re remodeling a guest bathroom, then a shower enclosure is the way to go. Very few guests will want to take a bath when they’re staying with you.

On the other hand, if you’re renovating a children’s bathroom, having a tub/shower combo is your best bet. When there are young kids in the house, tubs are easier to use for bath time.

However, if the main person using the shower is a senior or has mobility issues, installing a custom shower enclosure is best. Many people have a hard time stepping in and out of the tub and shower enclosures are easier to navigate.

Your decision largely depends on your circumstances. Before you decide, think about who is using the shower and their needs.

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2. Space

A large part of your decision could be about the size of your bathroom. Most bathrooms aren’t very spacious. On average, tubs take up more space than shower enclosures. If you have a narrow or small bathroom, you might not be able to fit a bathtub comfortably.

Bathroom with both a shower enclosure glass shower door and a bathtub.

3. Shower Configuration

Before you decide whether you want a bathtub or shower enclosure, think about the current configuration of your shower space. Do you have a bathtub or shower enclosure now? Would it even be possible to convert your shower to a tub depending on the location (here’s looking at you neo-angle showers)? Think realistically about whether or not you want to change your current bathroom setup. If you have a tub but want a shower enclosure, tub/shower combos are the perfect compromise.

4. Appearance

Once you know what you have space for and what your current bathroom allows, then it’s time to consider what style you want. Both bathtubs and shower enclosures offer modern and vintage designs. Consider looking online to find the perfect style for your bathroom.

5. Maintenance

It’s important to think about how you will maintain your shower. For instance, cleaning a tub is a little more difficult than cleaning a shower enclosure. However, shower enclosures still require regular maintenance. Think about your schedule and what kind of cleaning works for you.

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Overall, deciding whether or not you want a bathtub or a shower enclosure comes down to your individual needs and personal taste.

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