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5 of the best ways to upgrade your home in 2017

Cozy living room | upgrade your home
Cozy living room

You want your living space to be an aesthetically appealing area in which it is easy to relax and recharge at the end of a busy day. These 5 tips will be most helpful in achieving the best ways to upgrade your home in 2017.

1. Make it easier to enjoy your outdoor living space.

Take advantage of all nature offers by making the most of your home’s outdoor living space. For starters, evaluate whether your deck, patio, or yard is easy to access. Do you need a larger patio door? Does your patio door glass need to be replaced due to hazardous cracks?

Other ways to ensure that your family will enjoy outside time include:

• Upgrading your patio furniture or sprucing it up with new cushions.
• Putting in a brick pizza oven.
• Adding simple landscaping such as flower beds on one side of your deck or patio.

2. Decorate with framed mirrors.

Including framed wall mirrors in your interior design is another way to instantly boost your home’s charm and appeal. Examples of spaces that can be improved by installing a framed mirror or by adding a frame to an existing mirror include:

• Entryway
• Master bath
• Living room

3. Improve traffic flow in your living space.

Do you trip over toys and shoes when you come home from work? Is there a piece of furniture that people often bump into or trip over? Improving traffic flow typically involves rearranging furniture and/or dealing with clutter.

Situate furniture so that there is a wide walkway through rooms that double as paths from one part of the house to the next. Also be mindful of sharp corners in rooms where children play, and be sure that low-lying pieces such as ottomans aren’t placed where they are likely to trip people up.Finally, it’s important to also address clutter. Downsize by having all family members collect items to donate to charity. Then add attractive storage solutions like:

• Cubbies
• Glass shelves
• A toy box

4. Create inviting nooks.

Make the most of your space by creating warm, appealing nooks that foster conversation and relaxation. Ideas include:

• Arranging living room seating options in cozy groupings.
• Setting up reading corner with bookshelf, reading lamp, bean bag chair, and plush blanket.
• Turning your sofa into an oasis of calm by adding squishy throw pillows, a soft throw, and potted plants on either side.
• Making your glass shower enclosure a miniature spa with LED lighting, a rain-style shower head, naturally scented soaps and body washes, and a basket of thick white towels near the shower entrance.

Nautical room theme
Nautical  theme

5. Introduce a nautical theme in your dining area.

Aquatic and oceanfront inspired décor is popular, and adding some nautical accents can instantly add fresh charm to your dining room. Some attractive possibilities are placements with an anchor motif, a fish-shaped serving platter, blue and white striped linen or burlap curtains, coffee cups with pictures of sailboats, mason jars filled with seashells, and the like.

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