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Bathtubs are Suddenly Optional

Bathtubs were once considered a necessary element in most master bathrooms, but one of the biggest trends in bathroom remodeling seems to be omitting the bathtub. The large garden tubs or whirlpool tubs no longer hold the allure they did just a few years ago. These big tubs are impractical in terms of water usage. And because it isn’t fun soaking in a tepid bath, these deep and wide tubs require a large-capacity hot water heater, which can be an energy drain. Beyond these energy and water wasting issues, many homeowners have come to realize that they just don’t have the time to luxuriate in a bath. They figure why use “prime real estate” to install a large tub that won’t be used.

A wide-open shower sans the bathtub is considered the modern way to renovate. This is particularly true for the master bathroom. This trend may have been inspired by the frameless glass shower doors which have become so popular. The clean lines of walls of tiles plus walls of glass give the feeling of light-filled space. Including a bathtub can take away from this modern look. As baths are left out of the layout, the shower takes center stage.  Homeowners are concentrating on the finer details that make a shower stall both beautiful and functional. Some people are opting for built-in seats and benches and body sprays embedded in the wall. The rain showerhead is particularly popular for these oversized shower stalls. There are rain shower heads which can be embedded in the ceiling to streamline the look even more. With a rain shower head which sits flush with the ceiling tiles instead of jutting out from the wall, the illusion of rain falling from above is emphasized.

Room for Two Bathers at Once
Double sink vanities have been around for a long time, allowing two people to attend to morning grooming rituals side by side. Some of these oversized showers have incorporated that same concept. They have been built to accommodate two bathers at once with side by side shower heads. With two separate shower heads, each bather can choose their favorite, whether handheld or overhead.

For those people who want a huge shower, yet still want a bathtub for the occasional long soak, the standalone tub has become the go-to choice. With a standalone you will need the floor space to accommodate both the shower and the bathtub. These streamlined tubs obviously take up less room than a whirlpool. In addition, these tubs are definitely a greener choice since they require less water to fill and the hot water heater doesn’t need to run overtime. A standalone is a versatile design element. It can look modern or classic depending on the decor.

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