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When it comes to Bathroom Design is Modesty a Thing of the Past?

People of a certain generation, who are used to privacy in the bathroom environment, might find the prospect of an open-plan bedroom plus bathroom combo quite shocking. But some modern architects are challenging our need for privacy. These cutting-edge designers are behind the trend of open-plan master suites. These suites basically leave out the walls that once divided the bathroom from the bedroom, creating an environment where little is left to the imagination. In these open layouts, bathtubs are sharing floorspace with the bed or chaise lounge. Frameless shower enclosures with crystal clear, unobscured glass, sit openly in the corner of the room.

The unobstructed viewing thing works both ways. Not only can the bather be seen by anyone present in the room, but the bather can see clearly as well. Glass panels may allow the bather to enjoy watching the room’s TV, or gazing through the windows to a garden or a magnificent mountain view. Another daring design move is doing away with curtains and blinds on the windows. This is more common with highrise suites. Dwellers of these pricey suites are sleeping and bathing in what amounts to glass houses, and showering in glass cubicles within these glass house. These suites are in demand because they make the most of natural light. And because of the elevation of these penthouse nests, occupants are afforded a certain amount of privacy from curious strangers.

Obscured vs. Clear Glass
These open-layout suites are popping up everywhere from upscale hotels to loft spaces to elegant master suites. The popularity of frameless shower enclosures may have contributed to this innovative notion. When faced with a decision as to what type of glass to use for their frameless shower unit, many homeowners are opting to dispense with “modesty” glass. “Modesty” glass refers to glass which has been etched or frosted to blur and hide the bather. Some feel that a glass which has been designed to obscure, detracts from the openness that a frameless shower is meant to create. Obscured glass does not let in as much light, and may look dated compared with clear glass.

If you are not ready to “let it all hang out”, there is still beautiful etched and frosted glass to choose from. For a more modern look, rather than choosing a bland, generic pattern, you might consider something which draws inspiration from nature or art. For a truly unique look you could have your glass custom designed. Some homeowners are limiting the obscured glass to just a “modesty” panel instead of the entire shower enclosure. A panel may be all that’s needed to make a bather feel comfortable. Whether you are timid or daring, our Dallas showroom has the perfect glass for you.

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