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Decorating with custom mirrors can multiply space and color to your rooms

Have you ever watched a costume drama and noticed that sharing wall space with the landscape paintings and the portraits of stern-faced ancestors are elegantly framed mirrors? Or a movie that is filmed primarily in a modern penthouse suite with walls lined in mirrors? From period dramas set in 19th century England to modern tales set in the 21st century, mirrors are an important element in set design. Scene designers know that mirrors can enlarge a room and catch and enhance light whether it is the warm, flickering glow of candles or the crisp, white light of recessed lamps.

And no single object can better represent a specific era. From the intricate framework of a Baroque looking-glass to the clean lines of an Art Deco piece to the abstract, light-refracting design of a Cubist sculpture, mirrors can define a style. For those who enjoy a more eclectic decor, mixing and matching mirror styles can add to the appeal of the room.

Really, there is no better way to visually open up a room than a strategically placed mirror. We here at Alamo Glass & Mirror, pride ourselves on our custom decorative frames. Visit our showroom, chances are we will have the perfect decorative frame to fit your decor. Sometimes our clients will have something unique in mind. We love the challenge of helping to make our client’s vision a reality. Just bring us your ideas and we will help you bring them to life.

Custom Mirrors are an economical way of beautifying your living space. A mirror can reflect back the glitter of a chandelier or the simple charm of spring flowers. Set a vase filled with bright yellow daffodils, soft white daisies and brilliant purple tulips in front of a mirror and you’ve basically doubled the effect. It’s these small details that people often overlook when designing a room. Imagine what part of your decor you love most, a favorite painting, a bookshelf stuffed with antique books and figurines, the view of the garden through the french doors. Then imagine capturing that image in a lovely mirror. With a well-placed mirror you can create your own-still life like an artist might.

There is no one right way to decorate with mirrors. They can work as accents or cover an entire wall. A cluster of small mirrors in a variety of frames might look nice on the wall above your couch while an oversized mirror might be just the thing to give your dining room the feeling of space and vitality.

Mirrors can add life and sparkle to any room. That’s why we love showcasing our custom mirrors. And we have a new home, to better display our product. We opened a brand new showroom in TX. We at Alamo Glass & Mirror don’t believe mirrors are simply another room decoration.

Certainly, the mansions and luxury suites we see on screen wouldn’t be half as glamorous without mirrors. So consider visiting our Texas showroom and picking out the perfect mirror to glamorize your own home.

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