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Glass Shower Doors & A Healthy Home – Recent Studies

Frameless Glass Shower Doors Dallas TXEveryone knows that glass shower doors and enclosures are a more efficient way of keeping water inside your shower and add beauty and value to your home.

Did you know that glass shower doors also create a healthier home? 

Alamo Glass & Mirror installs many glass shower doors in Dallas, and are proud of the fact that our shower door installations are providing many health benefits and relief to allergy and asthma sufferers.

According to BEMA (Bath Enclosure Manufacturers Association) glass shower enclosures create many health benefits. Bath enclosures are a highly effective means to retain steam in the shower.  Doctors often recommend steam as a home remedy to ease congestion, sore throats and coughing due to colds, allergies, asthma, sinusitis, influenza and pneumonia.

Frameless Glass Shower Doors Dallas TX

Harvard Medical School assistant professor and asthma sufferer, Dr. Michael Segal, suggests using steam showers to clear allergens and mucus out of the lungs.  The Segal  Guide to Asthma notes that people with asthma can create a steam shower at home by using a steam generator in conjunction with a bath enclosure.

According to Dr. Segal, and enclosed bath or shower is the best way to retain steam.

Doctors recommend that pregnant women who have colds or allergies take showers and inhale steam in order to relieve their symptoms rather than taking medications, even those available over the counter. In the December ’98 edition of AMA’s Health Management Bulletin, doctors suggest that inhalation of heated, humidified air, or steam, may serve as an effective home remedy for:

  1. Soothing irritated airways
  2. Improving airway hydration
  3. inhibiting the replication of rhino virus, the cause of 1/3 of colds in adults
  4. Helping relieve respiratory ailments
  5. Preventing the drying of nasal passages

Dermatologists also recommend steam treatments as part of their clients beauty regimens since steam opens pores, releases toxins and enhances circulation of blood to the skin creating a healthy glow. Water leaking from between gaps between the shower curtain and the shower wall can result in significant water damage over time, especially for bathrooms located on a second story.

Frameless Glass Shower Doors Dallas TX

Water damage is the most common trigger for growth of stachybotrys, a toxic mold that can cause allergies, asthma and skin rashes.  In some strains, stachybotrys can even cause damage to the lungs and central nervous system- even death. Exposure to mold is a risk factor for asthma, a health issue that affects the lives of more than 14 million Americans.

If you or any of your loved ones suffer from any of the symptoms listed above, do them a favor and tell them about the benefits that can be gained by having Alamo Glass & Mirror provide and install a glass shower door in your home.

We offer many different types of shower enclosures in all price ranges. 

Both our framed and frameless shower doors are available in a variety of metal finishes and glass choices sure to meet anyone’s design criteria.  If you would like to know more about our shower doors or any other glass and mirror products and services that we offer, contact us today or stop by one of our Dallas, Texas showrooms and speak to one of our customer representatives.

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    Way to Go Cory- this blog is my favorite so far, as a sufferer of allergies, I am glad to know there are other options out there besides medication! I am calling y’all today!

  2. You bring up some great points about the health benefits that shower doors can potentially provide! In addition to being beautiful, shower doors do allow for a cleaner shower space with less potential for mold and mildew growth and therefore a reduced chance of the health complications that they can cause. As you mentioned, homeowners may also benefit from the additional exposure to steam that glass shower doors can facilitate. These are just a couple of reasons to add to the long list of reasons that homeowners may want to consider glass shower doors.

  3. This is similar to my enclosure i actually got a hold of only recently, incredibly pleased about it for any individual on the
    fence with regards to getting one, do it, you will not regret it

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