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Window Glass ReplacementMany people believe that painting a small room white will make it appear larger. Unfortunately this is a misconception, just like the idea that fewer furniture pieces can enlarge a room.

By wisely choosing your paint colors and watching where you place pieces, you can achieve the larger look you are looking for. You can also learn more at HGTV.com (color rules for small spaces).

There is no reason to sacrifice your personal style to achieve a color-coordinated area that is pleasing to the eye, and comfortable to live in.

Interior designers recommend that you choose clear, sharp colors instead of those that are dull. A palette with sharp colors would include bright chintzes combined with plaids or hot reds and electric blues, then yellows and greens, and add lots of space between. This space in between will open up the area.

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Think about adding a swish of color to the inside of bookshelves, window ledge or vent. This will bring a depth to the room. If you want to have a dark wall, that’s fine. It can actually help the room look larger. Painting a hall or foyer a darker color accentuates the entire room.

If you would like to use different colors for different rooms, try staying with the same color, but using lighter or darker shades which will accentuate the rooms.

Each room should have a pattern duo where a cushion fabric matches a lampshade or valance. This can even be done with furniture such as a matching style between a mirror and a table.

Be creative in your kitchen by using colors and displaying those special dishes on the walls.

A soft color may enhance your look in the mirror, but try a darker color in your bedroom for a great new look.

If you decide to stay with the light colors of paint, experiment with bright colored fabric canvases and wall decals.

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Painting a ceiling lighter than walls will extend the ceiling and also add space to the room.

Then each room should have one black object to accentuate the others. Black is a good grounding color and gives strength to the room.

However you decide to paint your living area, mirrors are a staple to virtually all forms of interior design, and can automatically enlarge a hallway or room, beautifully. We can help you design the mirror that will best absorb into your personality and style.

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