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Glass Can Do More than Protect Your Tabletop

Glass is often used to protect wood surfaces from watermarks, indentations from writing, indelible ink, and other dings, dents, and unwanted markings that come from everyday use.

In addition, glass makes cleanup a breeze. Spills and messes won’t harm a glass top. Thick, crystal clear glass is often used to keep a prized dining table, desk, or coffee table in tiptop shape. But glass can do more than protect the wood of your table or desk, it can turn your furniture into a conversation piece. It can showcase your favorite items while enhancing the decor.

Many people choose to display pictures, postcards, and favorite poems beneath the glass. For writers and artists, sitting down to a desk and seeing inspirational quotes or beautiful artwork can help spur creativity.

Sandwiching unique liquor labels or novelty postcards between the glass and a bar top, can add interest to your recreation room. Glass tabletops which feature pictures of exotic destinations or fantastical prints can add color to a room.

Shadow Box Tables
If you have three-dimensional objects you would like to showcase consider a shadow box table with recessed boxes. Basically, these types of tables are large versions of shadow box picture frames and often become the focal point in a room. People have been known to put their favorite instrument, like their prized guitar, under glass.

Whether you have amassed coins, stamps, antique weaponry, ships in bottles, marbles, or old toys, a shadow box table may be the perfect way to frame your collection. Hobbyists can show off their latest creative endeavor. Memorabilia from past accomplishments can be arrayed neatly under glass. And if someone in your family excels in athletics and has the awards to prove it, why not give them a glass case of their own.

Perfect for That Mountain Cabin or Beach Bungalow
These compartmentalized tables are a great way to bring the outdoors inside or reinforce the existing decor. For a beach retreat, you can place scavenged shells and beach glass.

For a mountain getaway, pinecones and artifacts such as, sepia-toned images, chipped porcelain figurines, and other bric-a-brac help to reinforce the cabin’s rustic decor. Encourage guests to your vacation retreat to treasure hunt along the shoreline or through the forest and add their pieces to the collection.

Shadow box tables let you be creative. And no display is permanent. You can highlight your latest interests or obsessions easily.

Shabby chic furniture, made from distressed wood, make the perfect framework for a shadow box table, particularly if the items to be displayed are antique or nostalgic in nature.

Showcase Your Passions
Why hide your treasures behind closed doors? Consider furniture which lets you and your guests enjoy your favorite pieces. Coffee table books are lifeless in comparison to actual artifacts. A shadow box table is a little bit like turning a curio cabinet on its back. You don’t even have to be particularly artistic to make this work.

Guard your furniture from stains, spills, and scratches with a custom-made glass top. Or consider a shadow box table to display your most valuable or interesting possessions. Visit our Dallas showroom to find the perfect glass tabletop or glass table top replacement.

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