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Great Ideas for Showers and Baths

Perfect Solution for Small Bathrooms
Tub and shower combinations can be the answer to limited space. Many modern bathrooms set the bath apart from the shower. But not all bathrooms have enough space to accommodate both as separate units. Besides being a space saver a combo unit offers other advantages. For instance, a bather can follow a leisurely soak with a shower without having to drip their way across the bathroom floor to get to the shower stall. If both units are included behind the same wall of glass and share the same tiled floor, complete with drain, then the bather is free to step from shower to bath without worry.

A Hybrid Bathing Experience
Some people enjoy climbing out of a steaming hot tub and stepping right into a brisk shower. The ease of having the shower behind the same glass wall may encourage even unadventurous bathers to try the reviving benefits of a hot and cold bathing regime. The heat of the tub opens the pores and the icy shower closes them. It is said that this type of bathing increases circulation.

Not Your Father’s Tub and Shower Combo
If you are envisioning the old-fashioned cramped porcelain tub plus shower with a metal framed sliding door you might be surprised to discover how modern and attractive this combination has become. Certainly, in smaller bathrooms it works best to have the bathtub as the base of the shower, but these are not the utilitarian units we are used to seeing. Designers are coming up with imaginative ways to turn these bathing alcoves into the ultimate relaxation destinations. Some of these bathing/shower units are only partially hidden behind glass. Just enough of a glass panel is added to the shower region to keep water from splattering on the bathroom floor. It’s far less claustrophobic than the fully enclosed frosted glass containers of yore.

Or in the case of a large soaking tub, a rain shower head placed exactly over the center of the tub will send the water straight down into the tub. A rain shower head rains the water down on the bather’s head instead of at an angle, which keeps the water from spraying everywhere. In fact, with this sort of a setup you may not need any kind of enclosure at all.

Perfect Solution for Spacious Bathrooms
For those people who have a bigger bathroom to work with, but who still want to enclose both units in one area, then a side by side installation is the answer. Architects are coming up with unique layouts such as placing a shower stall next to a tub sunk so deep that the rim is level with the floor, or a built-in tub with sides so steep that it requires steps. For a decidedly quaint look there is always the free-standing clawfoot tub, which looks incongruous yet inviting behind a modern partition of glass. And for those who want their bathrooms to capture the serenity of a forest, an ofuro wooden soaking tub can be paired with a waterproofed wooden shower stall. Basically any type of tub you can imagine is being paired with a shower stall. Frameless glass is the enclosure of choice to surround these innovative bathing areas. Visit our showroom in Dallas to see how frameless glass can modernize your bathroom.

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  1. The installation of shower screens in any bathroom space will not only give it a stylish appearance but provide a lot of functionality as well. They are the perfect alternative to conventional shower curtains not just because they are attractive.

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