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The Modernity of Glass

Most people would agree that light and fresh air are always welcome in a house, particularly in the bathroom. Anytime glass can be utilized in a bathroom it should be. Windows positioned to look out on a flower garden or a pine forest invite in the sun and the fresh scent of the outdoors. They will give your bathroom a spacious, modern appeal. Skylights are windows offering a different perspective, of the blue sky and the tops of trees. And certainly if you’ve made the point of opening the view then you would want to enjoy it while showering. A crystal clear frameless shower enclosure will allow you an unobstructed view.

Windowless Bathroom

Windowless bathrooms, those without an exterior wall, depend on fans and vents for airflow and lighting fixtures for illumination. Homeowners often find windowless bathrooms dim and dank. With limited air-circulation you might find you have issues with dampness and mold. If the roof is accessible then a skylight can be a unique solution. Nowadays skylights are not just fixed units, there are models which open, thus providing both ventilation and light for a windowless bathroom. An attic bathroom can be particularly cramped and dark; a skylight will help brighten it up.

Skylights once had a poor reputation because they were known to leak. But with today’s new and improved seals rain is no longer an issue. If you are worried that the light pouring in might create too much heat or be squintingly bright, then blinds can be installed or smoky-colored glass used to cut the glare. Glazing can help neutralize temperature spikes and drops. Since heat rises, a venting skylight has a chimney effect allowing the heated air to be drawn up through the opening. Obviously, the placement of the skylight, whether north facing or south, will determine the strength of the sunlight allowed in.

Skylights can be operated by remote control. Blinds and the venting system can be activated electronically.


An exciting trend is installing a fireplace in the bathroom. These are usually placed near the tub so a bather can appreciate the toasty heat. A frameless shower enclosure with crystal clear glass will allow a person taking a shower to appreciate the blazing fire. With windows frosted in snow, a crackling, wood-burning fire would provide the ultimate luxury.

Decking the mantelpiece out with candles will add another level of ambience.

Unique Window Ideas

Dramatic arched windows might seem better suited for your living room, but they can add a touch of unexpected elegance to your master bathroom. Porthole-like windows can be used for smaller areas and give your bathroom a nautical look. Walls of windows looking out into a walled off garden will allow you to enjoy nature while bathing in complete seclusion.

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