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The Greenest Room in the House: Designing an Eco-Friendly Bathroom

Eco Friendly Bathroom
Eco Friendly Bathroom

Building and designing a green bathroom has become a popular trend. There is a twofold reason to consider going eco-friendly when you build. One is, to be environmentally responsible and leave a smaller carbon footprint. The other is to lower your utility bills through energy efficient fixtures.

Windows with Superior Insulation
If the bathroom will be built on an exterior wall then this would be the perfect time to install energy efficient windows. Energy efficient windows stop the summer heat from penetrating and keep the winter chill out. The more natural light you let into your bathroom the less artificial light you will need. If your bathroom will not have an exterior wall then consider a skylight which will capture the natural light. Having an opening in the ceiling can also draw heat and moisture upwards.

Sunlight in a Tube
A tubular skylight, also known as a solar tube, is another alternative to the much larger, traditionally rectangular fixture. These cost less and conveniently fit in corners and niches. Sunlight is basically guided down the tube to the ceiling fixture. These circular lights can resemble recessed lighting fixtures, but instead of artificial light, natural light is diffused throughout the room.

Reduce Water Consumption
There are some low-flow faucets and showerheads on the market that are a match for conventional fixtures. You can save water without a noticeable reduction in water pressure. Low-flow showerheads are available in aerating and non-aerating. The aerating type delivers air pressure along with the water to increase the strength of the spray. The addition of air can make water temperature fluctuate. The non-aerating models do not use air, instead they rely on new technology which pulses the water, delivering a forceful spray. With a non-aerating model the water temperature remains stable.

Floors Made From Sustainable Materials
Consider a bathroom floor made from small tiles of cork. Cork is a renewable source which is harvested from cork oak trees every nine to ten years. The health of the tree is of utmost importance, so skilled workers remove the bark with delicate precision.

Try a true linoleum. Most people think of synthetic material when they think of linoleum. But the real stuff is eco-friendly. Natural substances such as linseed oil, pine rosin and wood flour are combined and compressed to make actual linoleum.

You will want to waterproof your unconventional flooring with sealants with low or zero volatile organic compounds (VOC).

Frameless Glass Shower Enclosure
If you’ve gone to the trouble of bringing in the sunlight, using renewable, natural sources for your flooring, and reducing water waste, then don’t stop at the shower curtain. A vinyl curtain, which is made from potentially toxic plastic polymers, has no place in an eco-friendly environment. Glass is the perfect choice because it is made from silica sand. And a frameless shower with its minimal metal hardware is a breeze to clean with green products. We invite you to visit our Dallas showroom and see our beautiful glass shower enclosures.

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