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Alamo Glass Replaces Ugly Shower Glass in Dallas Homes

You don’t have to replace the whole shower enclosure if your glass has become unsightly or if you want a different type glass. Alamo Glass can change out your glass and use your existing frame.

Shower doors and enclosures are a beautiful and functional fixture in any bathroom, however over time due to neglect or issues with the hardness and mineral content of water, the glass in the shower enclosure can become damaged causing it to look very ugly.  I know that you or someone you know has experienced shower door glass that no matter how hard you try, you can not get clean.

Many Dallas homeowners think that in order to fix this problem they have to purchase a whole new shower enclosure.  This is not the case.  Alamo Glass and Mirror can replace just the glass in the shower enclosure in most cases and reuse the metal framing or hardware.  Often times, this can be almost a 45% to 50% savings over the cost of completely replacing the whole shower enclosure.

Many times a homeowner has just recently purchased their home or they are wanting to change the look of their bathroom.  A simple solution that can dramatically change the look of a bathroom is changing the shower glass.  If you have clear glass, you might want to change it to some type of pattern or textured obscure glass.  If you have a smaller bathroom that has an obscure glass in the shower, you may want to change it out to clear glass in order to let in more light and open up the bathroom.

Many customers who are changing out their shower glass due to damage caused by water and soap scum are choosing to go back with Guardian’s ShowerGuard glass.  Alamo Glass is a registered dealer of ShowerGuard glass.  ShowerGuard glass is a glass that has been made to resist and prevent damage due to water, soap and other problems caused by everyday use.

We know that money is tight right now, and everyone is trying to save a buck.  Changing out the glass in your existing shower enclosure can improve the looks of your bathroom without costing you a fortune.  If you are interested in having Alamo Glass & Mirror provide and install new glass for your shower enclosure, contact us today for a free in home estimate.

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