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Best Interior Design Styles & Tips for 2015

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It’s always exciting to see what the experts predict as trends in home design for the coming year. These professionals research the industry and combine with new technology, the country’s economy and world events, and project what styles will be popular.

Unfortunately, paint and color trends can change from year to year. Unless you have an unlimited budget it can be extremely costly to change the entire color scheme of your home whenever designs and colors change.

There are some styles and trends that weather time and change. They continue on strong and keep your home in line with current designs.

Having some custom items with much detail and quality can help bridge the gap from year to year. A few items geared to your own individuality can present each room with your own personality.

Combining wood products with metal or other highlighting pieces such as a desk with legs of silver leaf, will showcase each item. Inlaid mother of pearl and brass nails also enhance the look of wood. These types of furniture pieces can showcase indefinitely.

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Today’s design showrooms are complete with large light fixtures. Chandeliers portray lights floating like art. From rustic iron to chrome, these pieces are dramatic and live on.

Wallpaper has improved its appearance with designs comprised of metal, canvas and plexi-glass. Grass cloth has taken on new colors.

Hardware that is detailed, added to any piece is popular. Rustic furniture can enhance nature’s materials.

Bathrooms are slated to become more simplistic with clean lines and less modernistic. Contemporary is the word of the day for bathrooms.

Beautiful, functional and free of clutter describes today’s bathroom. Fixtures can be used to wow up the room. Tile made from glass has become very popular. Another trend is tile designed to look like something else, such as wood. Parts of the past remain popular that include quartz vanity tops; showers minus the threshold; and frameless shower doors.


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As the design experts, glass will maintain its popularity through time. Any room with custom mirrors and glass can pass the test of time. Frameless shower doors continue to be popular and will always fit in with the décor and style of your bathroom.

Shower doors are available in different shapes, designs and styles. You can be sure that we will have what you are looking for. Our variety of products and experienced professionals can assist you with finding just the right look for your bathroom.

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