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Not All Bathrooms are Created Equal

Shower Doors

Do you have a small, cramped bathroom which barely gets used? Do you have a guest bathroom which is sorely in need of a makeover? Consider modernizing with a coat of fresh paint, natural tiles, and a frameless shower enclosure.

Many houses have square footage which is basically wasted. Bathrooms which rarely, if ever, get used. Perhaps members of your family always avoid that 3/4 bath near the laundry room and, instead, will travel the length of the house to use their favorite bathroom.

People, perhaps without even realizing it, will often choose the bathroom which feels the most comfortable to use. Decor, lighting, fresh air, privacy, are all factors which can make one room more appealing than another.

If you have a dish of soaps that never needs replacing and guest towels which are gathering dust because nobody ever steps foot in that particular bathroom, then you might want to consider redecorating or renovating.

Probably the first step would be to add more light and more glass.

If the bathroom has an exterior wall then enlarging or adding windows would allow the light to pour in. Easy-to-open windows, which let out the steam and let in the fresh air, are desirable features for any size bathroom.

Is there a bathroom in your house that your family and friends line up to use? If you can figure out why that bathroom is so popular you might try to include some of those features when redoing the rarely-used bathroom.

Consider Tossing the Bathtub Out with the Bathwater

Do you have one of those bathtub and shower combo units with the heavy metal framework and the outdated frosted flower pattern on the glass? Besides mold and mildew, shampoos, conditioners, and body washes can leave residues which accumulate in the channels of the framework. Those tight spots make cleaning a challenge. Keeping the bathroom sparkling will be far easier once you install minimal hardware. Throw away those old toothbrushes, you won’t need them with a frameless enclosure.

And when you get rid of all that metal framework consider getting rid of the tub as well. If no one ever uses it there is no reason to keep it. A tiled, modern shower stall with frameless glass will bring the bathroom into the 21st century. Tiled walls of marble, or stone can help make a narrow stall more inviting. To visually open up a small area, pale neutrals are usually the ultimate choice.

If you bought a three bathroom house, but one of those rooms is really nothing more than a glorified storage closet, then consider fixing it up so you really will have three bathrooms to choose from. Why not give your family or guests a place that they will enjoy bathing in?

Come visit our Dallas showroom for a wide selection of shower doors and custom mirrors. We have aisles of glittering glass to freshen up and modernize that cramped, forgotten bathroom.

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