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custom glassUpdate Your Decor: Consider Stenciling a Mirror or Two

Mirrors have been used as canvasses for signage for centuries. Many a bar or restaurant, displays an antique mirror stenciled with the establishment’s name and the date the business was founded. Antique shops often carry mirrors painted with advertising slogans.

A popular trend in mirrors is a “do-it-yourself stenciling”. Crafters often stencil mirrors with either text or pattern. For a mirror stenciled with text, the crafter will choose an adage or inspirational quote or if the mirror is large enough, and an excerpt from a favorite book. What the mirror will say is not the only important consideration. The font should fit the sentiment displayed. Text stencils can be created with a desktop printer using graphic software applications.

When it comes to stenciling designs, damask patterns, those that you might find on elaborate flocked wallpaper, or old-fashioned drapery or upholstery are very popular. An elegant, retro-pattern can transform a plain Jane mirror into a beauty. These patterned mirrors work well with a shabby-chic decor.

To really add a sparkling effect, consider gluing crystals at certain points in the pattern to enhance the design.

Stenciling can be done on the surface of the mirror or a design can be created through a more complicated process such as etching or reverse painting where lettering or designs are applied to the back of the mirror. Sometimes the reverse painting is done just on the mirrored frame and the looking glass portion is left clear and shining.

Etching and reverse painting may be beyond the skills of a casual crafter.

Stenciling the Underside of a Glass Table

Glass tables also make the perfect base for stenciling. Painting the underside rather than the topside of a glass table would be the preferred method. Luckily, it  is much easier than painting or inscribing the backside of a mirror.

Painting the underside allows the surface to stay smooth. And there is another good reason to do the stenciling on the underside, people set objects on tables, which can chip or scrape the paint. Also, leaving the surface free of paint makes the table far easier to clean.

Adding a stencil design can freshen up a piece of furniture while keeping the beauty of the glass preserved. Consider using metallic stenciling paints. They can add glitter to your glass tabletops for top of the line appearance.

If you are layering stencils, using different colors to create your design, you must consider the order with which you apply the layers since it would be the reverse order from that which you would use to stencil the topside.

Whether you are new to stenciling or an old hand at it, consider using glass or mirror as your canvas. Visit our Dallas Showroom, and we can help you discover the perfect glass panel or mirror for your project.

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