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Dallas Designers Are Turning Back The Clock With Antique Mirrors

Antique MirrorsAntique mirrors are no longer a thing of the past!  Dallas designers are incorporating this timeless material into more and more projects these days. Alamo Glass has a wide variety of antique mirror to choose from and we also work with glass artisans to assist our customers in creating that special one of a kind piece.

Dreamwall Mirrors
Alamo Glass stocks several different patterns of antique mirror. One of the most versatile patterns is the Dreamwalls antique mirror from Gardner Glass (pictured above) due to the large sheet sizes that are available. Picture courtesy of Gardner Glass

Everyone has seen antique mirrors, you just may not have realized what you are looking at.  A mirror that has black, grayish spots throughout is what the industry considers antique.  Overtime mirror will lose some of its silver backing creating this effect.  The antique pattern can range from very subtle cloudiness, to dramatic, high contrast black spots.

Alamo Glass has several different patterns of “production” antique mirror that we stock regularly and we also have access to countless other options from suppliers and manufacturers around the world.  We also work with specialized glass artisans who can create an antique mirror from a clear piece of glass or a regular clear mirror.  These artists will often incorporate a specific design, color or stencil work into the mirror creating a truly unique and beautiful focal point for any room.

Gardner Glass produces antique mirror that we stock.  Their antique mirror is part of their Dreamwalls glass line.  The advantage to Gardner’s antique mirror over many of the other manufacturers is that it is available in larger sheet sizes, up to 72″ x 120″ making it ideal for wall applications.

If you or someone you know is interested in this classic, elegant look contact Alamo Glass & Mirror today!  Alamo Glass has been serving the Dallas Ft Worth metroplex since 1942 , so many of the mirrors we have sold over the last 70 years have now become “Antiques”

Click the link below to view a recent blog post from the Dreamwalls website


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  1. Hello– can yoy tell how much is for 20×45″ antique mirror , Also need the thick.
    Needs it for a console table


  2. Gabriela Leon says:

    Would like to see a catalog and prices

  3. Can you tell me what the price for your basic and least expensive antiqued mirror tiles is? I need enough for (3) 55″ x 60″ areas. Also availability, I am working on a rush job. Thanks!

  4. Great post ! Mirrors create a sense of space and beauty in your home. Consider having customized bathroom vanity mirrors if your objective is to have something unique for your home. Great job guys.

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