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Feng Shui for the Bathroom

Feng shui, as applied to home design, is the practice of building and/or decorating your home to be hospitable to positive energy. Though an ancient practice, it has become a very popular way to arrange houses because it emphasizes light, energy, cleanliness and an uncluttered lifestyle. In the past, practitioners of the ancient art of feng shui often overlooked or disregarded the bathroom. Long ago, of course, bathrooms were hardly the elegant spaces they are today.

It was assumed that bathrooms sucked the life energy or chi out of the atmosphere so those who practiced feng shui felt it best to shut the door on that room and try to ignore it. Those bathrooms were cramped, dark places, nothing like today’s bathrooms with their sleek tiled surfaces, frameless shower doors and beautiful natural stone and wood surfaces. And speaking of inviting the light in, our Dallas location has a showroom devoted to the beauty of glass.

With feng shui a balance of the five earthly elements are considered when choosing a home’s decor. Each of the five elements is represented by a shape, colors and objects. For instance, fire which is represented by the red spectrum and is found in objects such as flames and sunlight, is symbolized by a triangular shape. In the bathroom, fire might be represented by the sunlight pouring in or a tasteful red accent such as a small painting of red roses.

There are those who suggest hanging a mirror on the outside of the bathroom door and keeping the door shut to keep positive energy, wealth and prosperity from pouring down your shower drain. But there are many consultants knowledgeable in the ways of feng shui who feel that attention should be paid to the bathroom.

The first step is to declutter the bathroom. Organize your personal grooming aids, toothbrushes and shampoos and toss any unnecessary items. Then clean everything from the sinks to the tile floors to get them sparkling. If the paint is dark or dingy you will want to brighten it up with whites or pastel shades. Once the walls are painted, decorate them with vertical pictures which will aid the flow of chi or energy upward instead of allowing it to go down the drain.

A feng shui consultant will tell you to welcome in the light through skylights and windows. Natural light represents positive energy. The glass of a frameless enclosure will allow that light to stream through the bathing area unimpeded. Mirrors are important as well, because mirrors represent the element of water. Add the soft, serene glow of candles to your bathroom environment. Fluorescent lighting is to be avoided, because it brings negative energy. Many people hate the cold, ugly light emitted by fluorescent bulbs, so it’s only logical to keep them out of your bathroom. Full spectrum lighting which mimics light you’d find in nature will make your bathroom a more restful place. For the final touches, add a fragrance dispenser and safely situate a small music player. And to keep the chi circulating through your house you might want to consider keeping the toilet lid down so the energy won’t get flushed down the pipes.

Whether you’re mounting an all-out feng shui project, or just remodeling your bathroom, drop by our Dallas shower door showroom to see the latest in glass and frameless shower doors for you bathroom remodeling project!

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