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Frameless Shower Doors | Home Theater with a Shower!

TV in Bathroom

Glass Shower Doors + TV = Home Theater with a Shower!

The popularity of including a sleek, flat screen TV in your bathroom design is trending upward. Having a television in your bathroom may sound frivolous, but it’s perfect for people who enjoy a long soak in the tub. Imagine being able to luxuriate in bubbles with a glass of chilled bubbly while watching a romantic comedy. Or grabbing a shower without missing a playoff game or your favorite sitcom. And if your days are often so hectic that you barely have time to watch the news, a television installed in your bathroom can let you catch today’s headlines while brushing your teeth.

If you do decide to install a TV you will want crystal clear glass walls and a frameless shower door for an unobstructed view of the set.

Taking it one step further, a television and dvd combination unit will let you pick the movies which suit your mood. If you have a storage unit which takes up an entire wall it can be outfitted to hold a small LED television, and only minor cabinet space needs to be used to hold a small dvd library.

A Television Hidden in a Vanity Mirror
If you really want to keep your TV hidden, there are companies specializing in innovative mirrors with inset television sets. The TV is only visible when it is turned on, when turned off the rectangle where the TV is situated becomes a mirrored surface again. These integrated TVs come with small but powerful speakers.

Certain versions are quite decorative and can include a lighted frame making it easier to put on makeup or shave neatly. You will want a TV which will be able to withstand the occasional sprinkling of water droplets and steam, and a remote control which is not only waterproof but can float.

Portable vs. Stationary
Televisions can be hidden and unobtrusive, or flashy and take center stage. Since they are available in various dimensions you can find one to fit any size bathroom.

A television can be placed on a swiveling frame to be easily viewed from any angle of the room. Wall insets can be built to hold the set and the insets framed to match the decor or the TV can be hidden behind a wall cabinet with a door

If you are not completely decided on having a television set in the bathroom you can start with one on a portable stand which can be moved around to find the optimal spot.

Shower Enclosures for Crystal Clear Viewing
If you decide to add a TV to your bathroom we can help make certain that you will be able to view it clearly. Etched or patterned glass won’t do. What’s the point in installing a state of the art entertainment unit if you are watching it through blurry or nearly opaque glass? Come visit our Dallas showroom to see our beautiful crystal clear glass shower enclosures.

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