Using Glass & Mirror – Make Your Outdoors Beautiful

glass mirrors

Mirrors aren’t just for indoor decor anymore. Unusual Mirrors are showing up outside, in gardens everywhere, reflecting statuary or a pond, or a profusion of flowers. A mirror is like a magical portal inside your garden.

It makes the perfect addition to all styles of landscaping, from the traditional English garden, to an exotic cactus garden. Unique doors, antique frames, and old windows are being used to showcase the mirror.

A garden mirror makes a great do-it-yourself project. If you enjoy antique shopping you can find the perfect frame for your mirror. Because the mirror will be propped outdoors you will want a distressed wood framework. These picturesque pieces look particularly fitting in quaint flower gardens. Consider scouring garage sales and thrift stores for a latticed window or a rustic door. Continue reading Using Glass & Mirror – Make Your Outdoors Beautiful

The Ultimate Bathroom Addition: A Steam Shower

Steam showers are the new must-haves when renovating your bathroom. A steam shower turns your bathroom into your own personal spa. For years, most people had to go to a gym, a spa, or a resort to enjoy the luxury of a steam bath. Steam baths offer many healthful benefits from sweating out impurities, to clearing sinuses and easing the symptoms of bronchitis.

The soothing heat of the steam is a perfect antidote to a stressful day at work. It can relax tense muscles and clean the skin of the grit and grime of city air. What makes these modern steam showers unique is the fact that they are no longer separate units from shower stalls. A bather can indulge in a steam session and then shower afterwards without leaving the shower enclosure.

Think a steam bath with benches plus shower-heads. Perhaps because of the spa factor, people equip their steam shower with every available shower head option, from overhead rain units, to body sprays to hand-held sprayers. Continue reading The Ultimate Bathroom Addition: A Steam Shower

Glass Can Do More than Protect Your Tabletop

Glass is often used to protect wood surfaces from watermarks, indentations from writing, indelible ink, and other dings, dents, and unwanted markings that come from everyday use.

In addition, glass makes cleanup a breeze. Spills and messes won’t harm a glass top. Thick, crystal clear glass is often used to keep a prized dining table, desk, or coffee table in tiptop shape. But glass can do more than protect the wood of your table or desk, it can turn your furniture into a conversation piece. It can showcase your favorite items while enhancing the decor.

Many people choose to display pictures, postcards, and favorite poems beneath the glass. For writers and artists, sitting down to a desk and seeing inspirational quotes or beautiful artwork can help spur creativity.

Sandwiching unique liquor labels or novelty postcards between the glass and a bar top, can add interest to your recreation room. Glass tabletops which feature pictures of exotic destinations or fantastical prints can add color to a room. Continue reading Glass Can Do More than Protect Your Tabletop

Custom Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Glass Shower DoorsWhen you’re prepared to begin the bathroom remodel process, and most consider the glass shower doors a priority, it is paramount to consider prominent patterns and in addition your own particular family’s necessities.

Most importantly, you ought to consider how best to utilize the space you have. Ponder what your family needs most, and afterward figure out whether that platform bathtub, glass shower door, or bigger vanity is worth the speculation.

Next, discover approaches to include more washroom stockpiling. Adding more cupboards and racks to such a little space could be unreliable, however it is frequently vital for putting away towels and excellence supplies. Continue reading Custom Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Add Style to Any Room with Custom Glass Mirrors

Custom Glass Mirrors

Mirrors have become much more than just a reflective piece of glass. Their use has evolved into many areas, and is now at the forefront of interior design. Many leading businesses have taken advantage of and showcased custom cut glass mirrors in their showrooms, offices, and reception areas.

The use of mirrors has grown exponentially out of the restroom. Custom mirror design and installation has become a cornerstone for creative aesthetics and provide an outstanding makeover for an area for very little investment in comparison to other remodel concepts. Continue reading Add Style to Any Room with Custom Glass Mirrors

Custom Mirrors Transform Dallas and Ft Worth Homes

Custom Glass Mirrors

Mirrors are an inexpensive way to dramatically change the look of any room.   Many Dallas

and Ft Worth homeowners have discovered that adding a mirror to a room will brighten the room up and create the illusion that the room is much larger than it actually is.   Alamo Glass and Mirror has been a Dallas and Ft Worth leader in custom mirror installations since 1945.

Alamo Glass can cut mirrors to virtually any size or shape that a home owner desires.  Mirrors that fill up a space ( meaning fit wall to wall) will really make a difference in the look and feel of your room.  Common areas that we install custom plate mirrors in are bathroom vanities, dining room walls, entry ways, wet bars, exercise rooms, and above fire place mantles. Continue reading Custom Mirrors Transform Dallas and Ft Worth Homes

Glass Tabletops & Mirrors Make a Beautiful Home

Window Glass

Washington artist and furniture maker Greg Klassen’s does it again with a beautiful custom-made glass tabletop.

In the images below you can see how he was able to custom fit blue glass over two pieces of wood to give the appearance of an ocean view.

Glass Tabletops

So much talent in the world today when it comes to art. You may be surprised to know how easy it is to take this beauty and talent and apply it to your home when it comes to custom glass.

There is very little need to go crazy with large modifications, which tend to over-exaggerate the contours and dimensions of any given room.

Start small and make subtle changes here and there. Continue reading Glass Tabletops & Mirrors Make a Beautiful Home

Interior Decorating & Design is Strictly Subjective

Window Glass Replacement

Interior decorating and design is strictly subjective. It should be based on our own creativity, and if we fall short in that category, we can enlist the assistance of an accomplished professional. There are guidelines that we can use that others use and that have a proven track record. No need to memorize rules, or master the process. They will help you build a foundation to achieve the look you want for your home, or a specific room. Now just relax and allow your creativity to blossom. Here are some tips.

If you are considering changing the color of the room, try waiting until your items are in the room. Most people like to have any painting done when the room is empty. This is fine for convenience purposes, but sometimes your furnishings change the room’s personality, and require a wall color or covering that stays in line with the room’s overall look. Lighting from natural sources varies widely and your furniture may reflect it to correspond better with another paint color or wall covering. Continue reading Interior Decorating & Design is Strictly Subjective

From Clutter to Color! Simple Tricks for the Trinkets

Glass Window Replacement Dallas, TX

Coffee tables provide an incredible amount of room for books, blossoms and ornamental pieces. Try and use a multitude of various items in proper order and fashion design wise to capture the attention of your guests.

Try clustering candles of various sizes and colors in one vase and take advantage of the nice look and feel of trays and ceramic dishes. Next you can always add random clean objects to sit nicely on a well-organized stack of reading material.

Continue reading From Clutter to Color! Simple Tricks for the Trinkets