Great Ideas for Showers and Baths

Perfect Solution for Small Bathrooms
Tub and shower combinations can be the answer to limited space. Many modern bathrooms set the bath apart from the shower. But not all bathrooms have enough space to accommodate both as separate units. Besides being a space saver a combo unit offers other advantages. For instance, a bather can follow a leisurely soak with a shower without having to drip their way across the bathroom floor to get to the shower stall. If both units are included behind the same wall of glass and share the same tiled floor, complete with drain, then the bather is free to step from shower to bath without worry.

A Hybrid Bathing Experience
Some people enjoy climbing out of a steaming hot tub and stepping right into a brisk shower. The ease of having the shower behind the same glass wall may encourage even unadventurous bathers to try the reviving benefits of a hot and cold bathing regime. The heat of the tub opens the pores and the icy shower closes them. It is said that this type of bathing increases circulation.

Not Your Father’s Tub and Shower Combo
If you are envisioning the old-fashioned cramped porcelain tub plus shower with a metal framed sliding door you might be surprised to discover how modern and attractive this combination has become. Certainly, in smaller bathrooms it works best to have the bathtub as the base of the shower, but these are not the utilitarian units we are used to seeing. Designers are coming up with imaginative ways to turn these bathing alcoves into the ultimate relaxation destinations. Some of these bathing/shower units are only partially hidden behind glass. Just enough of a glass panel is added to the shower region to keep water from splattering on the bathroom floor. It’s far less claustrophobic than the fully enclosed frosted glass containers of yore.

Or in the case of a large soaking tub, a rain shower head placed exactly over the center of the tub will send the water straight down into the tub. A rain shower head rains the water down on the bather’s head instead of at an angle, which keeps the water from spraying everywhere. In fact, with this sort of a setup you may not need any kind of enclosure at all.

Perfect Solution for Spacious Bathrooms
For those people who have a bigger bathroom to work with, but who still want to enclose both units in one area, then a side by side installation is the answer. Architects are coming up with unique layouts such as placing a shower stall next to a tub sunk so deep that the rim is level with the floor, or a built-in tub with sides so steep that it requires steps. For a decidedly quaint look there is always the free-standing clawfoot tub, which looks incongruous yet inviting behind a modern partition of glass. And for those who want their bathrooms to capture the serenity of a forest, an ofuro wooden soaking tub can be paired with a waterproofed wooden shower stall. Basically any type of tub you can imagine is being paired with a shower stall. Frameless glass is the enclosure of choice to surround these innovative bathing areas. Visit our showroom in Dallas to see how frameless glass can modernize your bathroom.

The Modernity of Glass

Most people would agree that light and fresh air are always welcome in a house, particularly in the bathroom. Anytime glass can be utilized in a bathroom it should be. Windows positioned to look out on a flower garden or a pine forest invite in the sun and the fresh scent of the outdoors. They will give your bathroom a spacious, modern appeal. Skylights are windows offering a different perspective, of the blue sky and the tops of trees. And certainly if you’ve made the point of opening the view then you would want to enjoy it while showering. A crystal clear frameless shower enclosure will allow you an unobstructed view.

Windowless Bathroom

Windowless bathrooms, those without an exterior wall, depend on fans and vents for airflow and lighting fixtures for illumination. Homeowners often find windowless bathrooms dim and dank. With limited air-circulation you might find you have issues with dampness and mold. If the roof is accessible then a skylight can be a unique solution. Nowadays skylights are not just fixed units, there are models which open, thus providing both ventilation and light for a windowless bathroom. An attic bathroom can be particularly cramped and dark; a skylight will help brighten it up.

Skylights once had a poor reputation because they were known to leak. But with today’s new and improved seals rain is no longer an issue. If you are worried that the light pouring in might create too much heat or be squintingly bright, then blinds can be installed or smoky-colored glass used to cut the glare. Glazing can help neutralize temperature spikes and drops. Since heat rises, a venting skylight has a chimney effect allowing the heated air to be drawn up through the opening. Obviously, the placement of the skylight, whether north facing or south, will determine the strength of the sunlight allowed in.

Skylights can be operated by remote control. Blinds and the venting system can be activated electronically.


An exciting trend is installing a fireplace in the bathroom. These are usually placed near the tub so a bather can appreciate the toasty heat. A frameless shower enclosure with crystal clear glass will allow a person taking a shower to appreciate the blazing fire. With windows frosted in snow, a crackling, wood-burning fire would provide the ultimate luxury.

Decking the mantelpiece out with candles will add another level of ambience.

Unique Window Ideas

Dramatic arched windows might seem better suited for your living room, but they can add a touch of unexpected elegance to your master bathroom. Porthole-like windows can be used for smaller areas and give your bathroom a nautical look. Walls of windows looking out into a walled off garden will allow you to enjoy nature while bathing in complete seclusion.

Visit our Dallas showroom to discover the versatility of glass. We can help turn your bathroom into a retreat.

Bathroom Mirrors and Vanities; Ideas for Eloquence

The vanity and mirror are often the focal point of most bathrooms. Because there is normally very little furniture in a bathroom beyond the vanity, it carries a lot of the weight in terms of decor. The mirror you hang above the vanity is as important as the cabinetry.

If you are going for a regal theme, consider a baroque inspired, gilt frame, the type of frame you might use to showcase a prized oil painting. The overhead lighting fixtures should be modeled after the same time period. Some people go so far as to hang a chandelier. Add an equally antiquish faucet, a gold-veined marble top to a vanity with curved, scroll legs and a gold-tinted frameless shower enclosure and you’ve got a royal setup.

Another bow to elegance is a Venetian mirror. These mirrors are unique because their frames are usually made from artfully cut, etched and assembled mirror pieces. The frame is usually ornate and is often floral in design. If you like the look of a mirror which is all glass including the frame, but you don’t want an intricate design, you can find simpler more geometrical designs available. These mirrors look particularly nice in all white bathrooms with white cabinetry. A crystal clear frameless shower enclosure would complement the expanse of white.

If you favor a more rustic look, then consider an unpolished wood cabinet plus a vessel sink. A vessel sink is often bowl shaped and sits atop the cabinet instead of being inset. Vessel sinks are made from a variety of materials, such as tempered, colored glass, hammered copper, and porcelain. There are porcelain sinks available with patterns to make them look like the ewer bowls people set on washstands in centuries past.  A mirror framed in distressed or rough-hewn wood would probably add additional rustic charm to this decor.

For a thoroughly modern look consider pairing a long sleek vanity with a long sleek, frameless mirror. No ornate frames or fussy details for this type of decor. And the lighting above the mirror should be recessed and efficient. There is nothing more modern than a walk-in shower behind a frameless wall of glass.

For a truly eclectic look you could mix and match the styles of mirrors. Bathrooms with eclectic decors often combine modern with antique elements. In this type of bathroom you can expect to see the unexpected such as a stained glass window, a brightly painted vanity, or even an entire wall covered in mosaic tiles. Other unique elements you might find; pendant lighting, a clawfoot tub, wallpaper with a pattern more suited to an old-fashioned parlor, or a small picture gallery. Though it seems like anything goes with this type of decor it really takes a practiced eye to know which pieces complement each other.

Whether you have two sinks at either end of a long vanity or two sink stands separated by a dressing table you might consider a series of mirrors rather than a single mirror. Above each sink you could place a vertical mirror and for the dressing table perhaps a wider mirror with a matching frame.

Visit our showroom in Dallas, we have a broad selection of mirrors and frameless shower doors to suit any decor.

Shower Glass: More Variety than You Think!

Shower glass comes in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures. Glass in its traditional state has a greenish tint which is the result of the iron used in the manufacturing process. The greenish tint, though subtle, adds a splash of color from the cool end of the color spectrum. If you like the idea of a tinted glass, but prefer a shade that is more dramatic then you might want to consider a rich bronze or a smoky gray tinted glass. A dark, sultry tint can add glamour to your bathroom. For a frameless shower, you will want hinges and handles in a dark metal such as bronze to match the hue of the glass and make the shower installation appear seamless.

If you love the color of your shower tiles and your fixtures complement those tiles to perfection then you might not want the shower interior obscured by tinted glass. Because iron is the substance which gives the green hue to standard glass, less of the metal is used to produce tint free glass. The result is crystal clear glass. Combine this sparkling glass with a frameless enclosure and your shower will be open and airy.

Shower Doors

For some people clear glass is just a little too clear. Acid-etched or frosted glass has a satiny finish which allows in a diffuse, mellow light while affording privacy. Sandblasting is another way of achieving a frosted look. Practically any pattern you can imagine can be etched on glass. For a bathroom with antique accents you might consider Victorian wallpaper inspired patterns. Stripes, floral designs or repeating ornate patterns will enhance and reinforce the vintage look. For a child’s bathroom the shower door could be sandblasted with fantasy or fairy-tale murals. The pattern is usually on just the outside of the glass and the inside is smooth for easier cleaning.

Though frosted glass will give you privacy, it does have a drawback. The opacity of the frost will diminish the light that can penetrate the shower stall. To compensate you can have light-emitting diodes (LED lights) placed in strategic places within the stall, for instance in the ceiling and even embedded in the shower walls. Think a sexy, red ambience, or the cool aqua of a waterfall. Or consider having a strip of red, green and blue LED lights installed along with a color driver and you will have a rainbow of colors at your fingertips. If you are going with the vintage theme then you might consider installing a gaslight inspired sconce outfitted with a glowing LED light. Because you can buy waterproofed LED lights you can put the sconce directly inside the shower.

If you like the look of rain streaming down a window, rain glass duplicates that effect. This textured, rain-beaded glass offers some privacy. Rain glass, because it evokes the poetry of nature, looks beautiful set against tiles made from rock such as slate and marble.

Casting is another glass producing process. The glass is molded into raised abstract patterns such as swirls or geometric designs or objects in nature such as fish or plants. With casted patterns, if you run your hand over the glass you can feel the pattern. Because of the sculpted look of this type of glass it has an artistic presentation.

We invite you to visit our Dallas showroom to see just how beautiful and varied glass can be.

Feng Shui for the Bathroom

Feng shui, as applied to home design, is the practice of building and/or decorating your home to be hospitable to positive energy. Though an ancient practice, it has become a very popular way to arrange houses because it emphasizes light, energy, cleanliness and an uncluttered lifestyle. In the past, practitioners of the ancient art of feng shui often overlooked or disregarded the bathroom. Long ago, of course, bathrooms were hardly the elegant spaces they are today.

It was assumed that bathrooms sucked the life energy or chi out of the atmosphere so those who practiced feng shui felt it best to shut the door on that room and try to ignore it. Those bathrooms were cramped, dark places, nothing like today’s bathrooms with their sleek tiled surfaces, frameless shower doors and beautiful natural stone and wood surfaces. And speaking of inviting the light in, our Dallas location has a showroom devoted to the beauty of glass. Continue reading Feng Shui for the Bathroom

Modernize Your Bathroom with a Frameless Shower Enclosure

Frameless Shower DoorsImagine sunlight pouring in through the windows of your master bathroom and bouncing off the sparkling tile or gold-veined marble of your shower stall. Or envision yourself showering behind crystal clear glass while enjoying the view of the roses blooming in your secluded garden.

A frameless shower door offers all that and more. It allows in the natural light, enlarging and making the bathroom appear more spacious. And the crystal clear glass not only allows an unobstructed view of the out-of-doors, but showcases the tile or mosaic work inside the stall.

Add a skylight above the shower stall and brighten the bathroom even further. Our Dallas location offers highly desirable frameless shower doors.

Minimalist and elegant, a frameless shower can enhance and modernize any bathroom. There is so little metal used in the construction of a frameless shower door that the effect is one of translucency and brightness. Continue reading Modernize Your Bathroom with a Frameless Shower Enclosure

Decorating with custom mirrors can multiply space and color to your rooms

Have you ever watched a costume drama and noticed that sharing wall space with the landscape paintings and the portraits of stern-faced ancestors are elegantly framed mirrors? Or a movie that is filmed primarily in a modern penthouse suite with walls lined in mirrors? From period dramas set in 19th century England to modern tales set in the 21st century, mirrors are an important element in set design. Scene designers know that mirrors can enlarge a room and catch and enhance light whether it is the warm, flickering glow of candles or the crisp, white light of recessed lamps.

And no single object can better represent a specific era. From the intricate framework of a Baroque looking-glass to the clean lines of an Art Deco piece to the abstract, light-refracting design of a Cubist sculpture, mirrors can define a style. For those who enjoy a more eclectic decor, mixing and matching mirror styles can add to the appeal of the room.

Really, there is no better way to visually open up a room than a strategically placed mirror. We here at Alamo Glass & Mirror, pride ourselves on our custom decorative frames. Visit our showroom, chances are we will have the perfect decorative frame to fit your decor. Sometimes our clients will have something unique in mind. We love the challenge of helping to make our client’s vision a reality. Just bring us your ideas and we will help you bring them to life.

Custom Mirrors are an economical way of beautifying your living space. A mirror can reflect back the glitter of a chandelier or the simple charm of spring flowers. Set a vase filled with bright yellow daffodils, soft white daisies and brilliant purple tulips in front of a mirror and you’ve basically doubled the effect. It’s these small details that people often overlook when designing a room. Imagine what part of your decor you love most, a favorite painting, a bookshelf stuffed with antique books and figurines, the view of the garden through the french doors. Then imagine capturing that image in a lovely mirror. With a well-placed mirror you can create your own-still life like an artist might.

There is no one right way to decorate with mirrors. They can work as accents or cover an entire wall. A cluster of small mirrors in a variety of frames might look nice on the wall above your couch while an oversized mirror might be just the thing to give your dining room the feeling of space and vitality.

Mirrors can add life and sparkle to any room. That’s why we love showcasing our custom mirrors. And we have a new home, to better display our product. We opened a brand new showroom in TX. We at Alamo Glass & Mirror don’t believe mirrors are simply another room decoration.

Certainly, the mansions and luxury suites we see on screen wouldn’t be half as glamorous without mirrors. So consider visiting our Texas showroom and picking out the perfect mirror to glamorize your own home.


Starting tomorrow, February 6th we will begin operating out of our new location at 10510 Olympic Dr in Dallas, Texas!  We have been working very hard to get the new building ready, and we are almost complete.  All of our glass fabrication machinery and equipment was moved over the last couple of weeks, and our fabrication plant is now fully functional.  In fact we have been operating that side of the business at the new location for the last week.

Putting up the new slat wall to display our awesome selection of decorative framed wall mirrors

All we are waiting on now is for our phones to be moved to the new location, and then we are ready to go.  That being said, our phones will be temporarily disconnected today beginning at 4:30.  When we reopen tomorrow, they should (keeping our fingers crossed) be up and running.

We can’t wait for all of our customers to come visit us and check out the new place.  We are still in the process of designing our new showroom and building the new displays.  The new showroom is going to be fabulous!  It is going to be a great place for our homeowners, business owners, interior designers and home builders to visit for ideas and to plan their next project.  There will be many full size shower enclosure displays, all types of pattern glass, painted glass, furniture glass, mirrors, you name it.  If it is glass that you are looking for, you will be able to see and touch it in our new showroom!  Of course we will also have our large selection of beautiful and trendy decorative wall mirrors that we are known throughout Dallas and Ft Worth for as well as our huge selection of decorative custom frame moldings.

Tile being installed in one of many full size frameless shower enclosure displays. We have worked with professional designers in selecting all of the materials being incorporated into our new glass showroom.

Remember beginning tomorrow February 6th Alamo Glass will be located at 10510 Olympic Dr  Dallas, Texas 75220.  Please stop by and see us when you can.  We will continue to update you on all the goings on at Alamo Glass.  If you have any questions or need any help with your projects involving glass, give us a call or stop by and talk to one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives.

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WE ARE MOVING! This Time It’s Permanent

Alamo Glass

Our new address will be:

10510 Olympic Dr
Dallas, Texas 75220

The last several months have been quite a transition period for Alamo Glass.  In September we said goodbye to our home of nearly 70 years when we moved out of the original location on Henderson Ave.  We moved the whole company to our glass fabrication plant, it was not the ideal situation, but we did what we had to do.   We knew that the move was going to be temporary, but did not want to say anything until all of the details where finalized.  We have been searching for a building to suit our needs for over a year, and on December 31st of 2012 we finally closed on our new building!

Alamo Glass

The new building gives us more space for our glass fabrication plant and a large beautiful new glass and mirror design center.  We are very excited about all of the planning and work that we have put into this new facility and feel that it is going to allow us to better serve our customers.  It has been a long process, we searched all over trying to find the perfect building and believe it or not, the building that we settled on is just one block north of where we are currently located.

Alamo Glass

Last week we began moving all of our glass machinery and equipment to the new location.  It was very difficult moving all of our glass edging machines, automatic cutting table, beveling machines and CNC work center (10 machines in all),  but we managed to get it done.

This week we are in the process of moving all of our glass and mirrors to the new facility, reconnecting and re-calibrating all of the machinery and putting the final touches on our new glass design center.  We hope for the entire company to be operating out of the new building at 10510 Olympic Dr starting Monday morning February 4th.

Alamo Glass

We would like to thank all of our customers for your understanding and continued business.  We are confident that this new facility is going to allow us to better serve your glass and mirror needs in the future.  We will let everyone know just as soon as we are fully operational at the new facility and encourage you to stop by and check out the new place.

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The Times Are Changing

As many of you know by now, Alamo Glass & Mirror is going to be moving from our location at 2823 N Henderson.  It has been a very difficult decision and there have been many sleepless nights for myself and other members of  my family.

Alamo Glass & Mirror opened it’s doors at this location in 1943 and has occupied the same building ever since.  Over the years we have seen and been a part of many changes to this historic neighborhood in Dallas, Texas.  Alamo Glass is one of the oldest tenants on Knox/ Henderson strip.  Only Dickey’s Bar B Que and Highland Park Pharmacy have been there longer.

The news of the upcoming move has brought back many old memories.  Many of our customers have shared stories with us about going to Alamo Glass as a kid with their mothers, fathers, grand fathers etc….  In some ways the funny looking pink building at the corner of Henderson and Milam has become somewhat of a land mark in this area of Dallas.

Over the years the Knox/ Henderson area (Henderson in particular) has transformed into the hot place to be seen in Dallas.  The street is now dominated by bars, restaurants and upscale apartment complexes where many of Dallas’ young up and comers spend most of their time.  This has caused a very significant increase in property value in the area.  Our building is very coveted due to it’s size, historic architecture and corner location.  My father, Rick, and I have thought long and hard about this, and will be thinking about it up to the final day.  If we can figure out a way for us to stay, we will, but as it stands right now it just does not make good business since.  It would be very hard to remain competitive in our industry having to pay the exhorbitant cost associated with the building.  We feel like that would be unfair to our customers, as it would probably lead to us having to cut cost in some other area of our business.

Unless we figure out a way to offset some of this cost that makes both business since and is fair to our loyal customer base and employees we will have to move.  Rest assured that if we do figure something out, we will be more than happy to stay.  No one within our organization likes this change, but we are all excited about what the future has to offer.  We will still be here in Dallas doing the same quality work we do every day.  If and when we do end up moving we will be relocating to our fabrication facility at 2620 Willowbrook Rd right off of Northwest Hwy in Dallas.

In anticipation of the upcoming move, Alamo Glass is having a sale. All decorative framed mirrors are 50% off. There are many unique mirrors in the showroom such as the one pictured above.

As it stand right now, we will be in our current location through September.  In anticipation of the move, we are having a huge “Moving Sale” .  All of our decorative framed mirrors in the showroom are currently 50% off. If you have ever been to our showroom, you know that we have some beautiful mirrors.  Stop by and see if we have something for you.  There are some great buys, but inventory is going fast.  Don’t miss out.

If we can figure out a way to stay, we will let you know.  Thank you to all of our loyal customers over the last 69 years, we couldn’t have lasted this long without you!  We look forward to working with all of you for the next 69 plus years!

-Cory Worsham